Don’t forget to vote. Only 4 days left!

Hello there!

We hope you had a lovely Christmas break. Only 4 days are left in our Roxette World Tour 2011 competition – December 31st is the deadline. You can choose max. three songs that you would like to hear during the forthcoming concerts. Of course, we skip the big hits and concentrate on those less known pearls. In fact I would like you to choose only these tracks that were NEVER performed live before. It was you, dear readers, who managed to place “Silver blue” on the Roxette’s 2010 playlist. Marie and Per are still interested in your opinions. Rehearsals start in February, but now it’s the last moment to vote.

I have counted almost 180 votes so far and results are quite interesting. If you haven’t voted yet, do it know. And yes, we are going to do a second part of voting after the “Charm school” album’s release.


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