Yet another snippet of “She’s got nothing on (but the radio) online

German has added Roxette’s new single “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” to their catalogue, including a snippet of the single. The 30 seconds are slightly different than the ones published by ten days ago.


Thanks again Daniel Kühn for finding and posting it!

25 thoughts on “Yet another snippet of “She’s got nothing on (but the radio) online”

  1. Now I can wait until Jan. 7th without any problem.

    Except for the Marie-bridge, I don’t expect much surprises anymore. Even in “One Wish” they had real drums and more variation.

    I can’t help mysef but I have the feeling, nowadays they arrange and produce too fast and are too soon satisfied with the sound; or Per’s image of the typical Roxette sound is slightly differen than mine. Maybe it’s both.

  2. The audio quality of this snippet is low compared with Amazon’s.

    The song itself sounds surprising. Nice.

  3. The chorus seemed catchy, but now I heard more of the song, I couldn’t help thinking of what Per’s said, about more “duets”, but in this one we hardly heard Marie at all. I know we didn’t hear the whole song, but I almost convince that this is a song with Per as a main vocal.
    I also have to agree with some people that it sound so much alike Party Crasher (my least favorite Per’s album), which I think too computerize (or whatever it is)
    I still hope for GREAT middle 8, and yes there are still more songs in that album that I am exited to hear, and the most important thing is they’re back and I am still happy about that fact.

  4. per wrote on that with those 2 snippets we have 1/3 of the song … i guess we do have nearly the whole song with those 2 snippets.

    hey, now we know the chorus, the sound of the verse(s) and the “music in between” which is probably the same like the intro.

    when i first heard ‘radio’ i was very happy and thought, finally the sound i was looking for so long. but now i am already kind of tired of it (without knowing the whole song of course, but with knowing the fact that marie will only be the background singer in this one …).

    it’s more or less the same feeling i had with 7twenty7. loved it first, liked it second and it bored me after the 5th listen.

    nevertheless, i am so looking forward to get the new album, can’t wait for 11-2-11

  5. I can’t say I’m over the moon about this snippet. Doesn’t seem strong or different enough for a lead song… Don’t get me wrong i do like it & it is catchy but for the lead single off their first album in 10 years it feels a bit bland… however i’ll wait to hear the whole song in CD quality before I make up my mind though 🙂

  6. one more thing: i don’t think this song is not good (maybe it even will be another number one!?) but for some reason, some of us (incl. myself) had way too high expectations and forgot about ‘party crasher’.

    i expected a (SOAP/TWATG-) rocky, groovy lead single with lots of marie, touching lyrics, live instruments, less synthies and a goosebumps-feeling … like i had with INXS’ “GOD’S TOP TEN” (… you gotta listen to that song – it’s awesome, by the way).

    however, to be realistic: of course the new sound had to be a lot like ‘party crasher’ … in 1997 a new roxette album had sounded like TWATG … and in 2006 a roxette album had sounded like SOAP probably … so it is kind of clear that the new roxette sound could be more ore less a “PARTY CRASHER 2.0”-sound.

    i hope, i am wrong 😉

  7. I’m more TWATG/Party Crasher (overproduced mix of guitar riffs with beating synth background) than SOAP/Mazarin fan, which sound too oldish and too flat to me, so I like the sound of SGNO, but I hope for more arrangies, riffs and bridges than in One Wish or Opp Nox which aren’t bad, but very hasty and monolithic to me, simply too short and too fast. Anyway I love the whole chorus, esp. its begining and its end. It’s about production. For example Something In The System. This song (SOAP version) meant nothing to me, since I didn’t heard Roxette demo (updated production, more arrangies). This song is in my Rox Top 3 now.

  8. for the album i wish for a more natural and warm sound (e.g. “om du bara vil”, “jo-anna says”, “ATAY”) than this synthetic computerized sound with distorted voices.

    FYI: i am someone, who listened to “party crasher” maybe 3 times (exept for “stuck here with me”, which i like …) and was happy it wasn’t a roxette album …

  9. I still don’t know what everybody are seeing of “Party Crasher” in this song, really.
    I can feel Dangerous, Dressed For Success and Paint on SGNO. But, of course, in a modern way.

  10. Agree Alexandre, I have feeling, that some fans forgot that not only Crash! Boom! Bang! but also Look Sharp! is Roxette album. 😉
    @joy-rider: I do belive that not all CS songs are synth sound like. Per said that SGNO was recorded as a last song after summer, when they started played alot with old samples, so most of the album will probably have ‘live’ instrument sound. We’ll see.

  11. Maybe it’s too early to make a final statement (I haven’t heard the complete song yet), but in my humble opinion “SGNO (BTR)” is not up to Roxette’s best singles. I do think it sounds a lot like the “Party Crasher” album, specially close to songs like “The Party Pleaser”. As a conclusion: not as bad as “One Wish” (that’s a silly song I cannot stand) but not their best or most memorable effort either. I hope the album tracks (and next singles) are stronger.

  12. i can just speak for myself … for me the party crasher sound is in SGNOBTR because of those points:

    > fast production, no special arrangements
    > kinda “cold” computer sound
    > simple drum loops
    > no real “warm” instruments except for guitar-riffs
    > per on lead vocals

    i also miss the “beatles”-feeling i had with other roxette songs and i miss the special groove which is only possible with live instruments and a timing-offset, if you know what i mean.

    @alexandretex, why do you feel ‘dangerous’, ‘DFS’ and ‘paint’ in SGNOBTR?

  13. The reasons why I thought it sounds like Party Crasher (and a bit of Opportunity Nox) It’s sound too computerize and just like joy-rider said no real “warm”instruments”.

    Maybe this is the sound of modern music? I don’t know, I am honestly a bit behind in “pop” music these last few years. Except for Roxette, I’ve been listening a lot to 60’s even earlier artists.

    I don’t hate the song, but I know it won’t be my favorite unless if my musical taste suddenly change. Even when I heard the whole song, I doubt if I’d change my mind, because I am sure the music won’t be any different. Unless they have a VERY cool (and memorable) intro like The Look or fantastic middle 8.

  14. @radiorox: thanks!

    just heard “RADIO” by “THE CORRS” on the radio and i guess, that’s the sound i wished for the new roxette song. could it be more different? 😉

  15. @radiorox: Thanks, makes me like it a bit more! I really wish Marie was singing the verses though Per sounds a bit flat zzz… I do love when the chorus comes in though : )

  16. I’m actually glad that this doesn’t sound retro 60s/70s like SOAP or EHM and that it’s powerful, not so soft like many recent PG solo songs. I’d just love to hear more Marie on it!

  17. I still don’t understand what’s so wrong with Per on lead vocals… have you all forgotten that The Look and Joyride were sung mostly by Per and they were both first singles from albums? btw Marie’s part when she sings “radio” is magical and we know that the middle 8 is sung by her

  18. I don’t have anything wrong with Per singing the lead vocals as long as it works! I’m not saying this doesn’t but we all know that Marie’s voice has the ability to lift even the most average of songs & i’m not saying the song is average I do like it, i just don’t love it at the moment! I’d rather not pass judgment until i can hear the whole song in decent quality : )

  19. we will have enough chances to hear Marie on other songs. And we still don’t have the full song, so don’t jump on conclusions 🙂

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