Single on sale over one week early via Brazilian website.

Brazilian website UOL has for some unknown reason made “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)” available for purchase already today. As you know, the international release date is set for January 10th.

The single can only be purchased by Brazilians living in Brazil, but as we know how these things spread, we ask you to refrain from adding a link for downloading to this website. We understand everybody wants to listen to the song, but this would certainly only damage the long-awaited launch!

Any links posted on this website to the song will be deleted, since we understand they will be illegal sharing of the song (the song is for now only available in Brazil and this website is hosted in Canada, maintained by Europeans). We are sure you’ll understand.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Update: EMI requested UOL to stop selling the song, which they have as it was a mistake to make it available for sale already today.

31 thoughts on “Single on sale over one week early via Brazilian website.”

  1. I don’t see a problem here, if a fan shares the song with other fans! The fans just want to hear the song and will BUY the song anyway – most of them will buy several versions! I ordered the CD-single and will download it legally to have it earlier, but I would love to hear it right now!
    To be honest, to “no-fans” Roxette are not so interesting anymore. I mean nobody really cares about a new Roxette-single except the true fans and wouldn’t even search the net for it!!!! I hope that would change again in 2011 with hopefully a great new album, but that’s the way it is in my opinion!!!

  2. Oh-oh! But actually I’m surprised the single didn’t leak earlier. It happen’s all the time to international artists as soon as a song is spread to different outlets. Let’s hope this stays “small” for some days longer and doesn’t lead to a special disadvantage for Roxette. But AFAIK the release date is Jan 7, at least in Europe.

    big-little-girl, if you bought the song legally you are allowed to share it with family and personal friends in PRIVATE. Everything else and public: NOT! That’s simply illegal.

  3. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t want anyone to put a link down here!!! I’m just saying if I would get a hold of the song I would share it in PRIVATE my Rox-friends!!!

  4. I refuse to listen to any snippets of the new single as I need to appreciate the song as a whole. Does anyone know what time Roxette is performing tonight perhaps? would appreciate if someone could let me know as i would love to listen via internet 🙂 ! Hope you all have a great new year and have a safe celebration tonight.

  5. According to Tomasz Roxette performs in three parts, 6-7 songs. The show runs from 20 to 2 o’clock. Rox should play around 10, 12 and 2.

  6. Cool thanks, will just have to stay tuned! Radio Zet is acually a very nice radio show. Will tune in more frequently (from South Africa 🙂 )

  7. Very – how to say – Gessleish. 😀 I really love this fresh sound (esp. during chorus and middle8). Chorus is really strong. Verses are little bit strange, little bit retro. As I wrote, very Gessleish. PS: Hope this sound will preserve also on the whole album. But I’m not sure if this one will be favourite of ’guys with acoustic guitar’.

  8. Excellent tune having heard it in full now. Wasn’t sure about the clips, but really good tune. Can’t wait to hear it LOUD in the car :@)

    Looking forward to purchasing the single and album and supporting Rox.

  9. I’ve heard the complete song already: far from Roxette’s best works. It sounds like another 80’s video game tune like One Wish. Hope the rest of the album is better.

  10. Got positively surprised when I listened to the song! It’s really nice to hear Per and Marie singing together again!

    Like it or not, the song is now published and available. I don’t really think this will harm somebody. Probably only hardcore fans listen to it and they will buy the single and/or album anyway. So, instead of getting panic about the early release, enjoy listening to the great song instead!

  11. Sorry Roxette, I don’t like it either. Really really bad song.

    The lyrics are nonsense and I just don’t like that Party Crasher sound.

  12. Heard it on YouTube once and don’t really want to listen to it a second time … What should I say, it is weaker than I thought. Boring intro, don’t like soft drum-loops at all and a strange ending with those aaah, ohhh and uhhh from Per.

    That is not “Classic Roxette”, this is Per trying to sound cool. Why does he always need those ear-hurting high computer-sounds in the background? This is so sad after 10 years waiting. I doubt it will be even a radio-hit here in Germany, simply can not imagine a Non-hardcore-Roxette fan to like that song and mail/call radios to play it … It’s like Modern Talking with LSD made for teenagers.

    Now it is our turn and up to us fans – even if we hate this song – to call radios and wish for it from january 7th on.

  13. It is a shame it has been leaked to some places on the internet already, I guess it does not matter how quick places remove the link there will always be someone who will upload it again / share it to the public. I only hope the ‘real fans’ will purchase the official download / release as I guess most will do…

  14. we will surely buy the single indeed, most of us couldn’t wait and listened to it.. the idea is not to share it publicly

    Sadly some people have shared it on FB which is somewhat annoying, it’s one thing sharing it between each other (c’mon we all know it happens, I found the song in my email inbox without asking for it) but I get annoyed when people post links on FB like I have just seen!

  15. Just for the record:
    * Roxette Brazil Team are cleaning all illegal download links from orkut communities we are “in charge as moderators”.
    * All youtube posts of the NEW SONG come from outside Brazil.

    We are doing our best to avoid any harm to Roxette single premier, but once it was at UOL MEGASTORE it was already out of control. As we informed to TDR, UOL is one of the most popular sites of virtual purchases.
    I got really worried and sad about some reactions blaming brazilian fans that purchased it as normal customers!
    But I was relieved to know the TDR know the true.
    Thank you and have a explendit 2011 ful of Roxette!

  16. I think that stop selling the song when it’s leaked already isn’t clever idea. Much better would be to get start selling worldwide.

  17. Dany, no worries.
    It is clear the song was passed by somebody from Brazil to somebody else, as Brazilians were the only ones able to buy the song, but of course, you never know what the person you think you trust will do with the song, to whom he/she might pass it on to.. so in the end it ended up on Youtube and for download.. I think the shame is on those who put it on youtube/for download as mp3. Passing it on per email is normally part of the “private use” of a song, depending on the country but still, surely not the same that uploading it for the whole world!

    EMI reported the youtube videos (not sure if they are still on) and took care of the UOL disaster as soon as we informed them..

    I still think the radio start / single release will be a big thing 🙂

    Have a nice eve everyone!! Happy new year 🙂

  18. You cannot hold the Brazilian fans responsible for what has happened…

    Although I am shocked that ‘The Daily Roxette’ have just linked the video to YouTube on their Twitter site! They preach about not sharing links on the website then tweet the link!

  19. Of course it was UOL but still, somebody who obviously bought the single passed it on to somebody and this somebody to somebody etc 😉 I don’t care who it was, it is the human nature, if you wanna keep something secret, keep it to yourself they say. But as I said, for me passing it on per email privatelly is one thing, totally different to uploading it and making it available to the whole world!

    And yes, I also didn’t understand the link on twitter, it was Visa. I don’t think it’s fine, he could as well put an article on or allow the links on the comments – which the others of us have been deleting the whole damn day :/

  20. And yes, I also didn’t understand the link on twitter, it was Visa. I don’t think it’s fine, he could as well put an article on or allow the links on the comments – which the others of us have been deleting the whole damn day :/

    Yes seems a little surreal… you have probably been wasting your time throughout the day deleting links!

  21. Now I heard the whole song I like it more! When Marie sings it just lights the song up! I don’t think it’s the best Rox song i ever heard i mean those verses are nothing special & the end bits could have been cut or should have really been done by Marie she can add credibility to anything Per just sounds weird but overall the chorus is killer : )

  22. Super, thanks for that positive input. At least there is something to look forward to now.
    Bummer about new years eve show – hopefully someone will upload for the rest of us the Roxette performance??? Please 🙂

  23. The other problem, beside UOL Judith and Alison, was the friends of your friend. As you told, send something by email to your friend is one thing totally different from sharing illegal links! You trust in your friend but you have no idea about what the friend of your friend could do!
    And I think that was the TDR, RoxBrasil and RoxBlog point of view about “the nightmare”.
    Our position in Brazil has been accused of hypocritical by some fans… what a pity!
    But in my opinion this correct poin of view is the position of the real fans!
    Kram och puss, Dany

  24. What do you mean your position has been accused of hipocritical?

    Anyway, the song is now gone from youtube. Let’s just wait for the official release to start with the promo. Which they are starting to get, slowly, here and there 🙂

  25. @Raëlian I am just wondering but do you ever have anything positive to say about Roxette? Remember the group you are suppose to like, to me it seems like all your comments are negative!

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