24 thoughts on “Roxette on general rehearsal!”

  1. Nope, it seems like How do you do was skipped and SGNO want’t be live. Maybe they will do a playback performance?

  2. So it’s only 2 parts not 3? Maybe SGNO promo at the very end… Even if not, after all this Rox hype in Poland Polsat should play the video clip next Friday! 😀

  3. Have no idea. If they do a new track, they didn’t do any rehearsals to it, so I really doubt it 🙁

    It seems like only two parts will take place. Each for 15 minutes, but well, everything can happen.

  4. Different time zones is a headache….if i calculate correctly i need to hang on for two more hours until 20:00 in Poland (21:00 with me). Can’t wait – let’s hope that Sascha is correct by saying it might be aired next week (and hopefully the roxblog team will kindly upload for the rest of us ?)
    Can’t wait to hear them live !!!

  5. I was wondering the same, a rough time would be great, although I’ll tune in from about 9pm Warsaw time!

  6. as tomos posted on Roxetteblog FB page:

    Roxette hits the stage at 22.01 CET (15 minutes set) + 23.43 CET (15 minutes set). It is gonna be live.

  7. Yes I am thinking the same thing – just hear the station playing music and speaking in Polish – can’t understand anything! Very dissapointing indeed!!!

  8. It is being streamed live, just not on the internet… I guess you have to be in Poland to tune in!

    • Stjarnhimmel – it’s from Russian show, not from the Polish one we were referring to in this topic 🙂

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