30 thoughts on “Roxette in Warsaw – VIDEOS”

  1. Thank you tomos85 for the nice videos. We anticipate them in Kiev 🙂
    A little question: have you received e-mail about T-shirts?

  2. I found her voice a bit weak in comparison to their recent performances, curious to see the other part. I hope they didn’t catch a cold! 😛

    The TV report a bout is really crazy, as if some seriously ultra-important thing happening right there, without understanding anything. 😀

  3. I should not but I keep on comparing the MF from 2001 to MF 2011. I think Marie was very good & she looked great on stage, but I would like to see her move around a bit more and enjoy the performing part. I think that is what I miss the most – Marie Fredriksson the performer who owned/s the stage. Or maybe I am asking too much with the effects of the illness…BUT I am really happy that they are performing again. Yeah!

  4. Performance is great! I wish I were there or better – they were here ))
    What`s with the audience – they are speachless and motionless because they are cold? ;))

    • Nope, they are speachless and motionless because of two reasons – there was REALLY tight (I have never been in such crowd before to be honest) and other reason – some people are just dumb 😉 We have to live with that. The audiance wasn’t the best possible one, on the other hand Roxette didn’t even try to interact with the audiance, Per didn’t go on the catwalk, Roxette did a good performance, but it was rather for TV than a concert.

  5. I do agree a bit with Sascha, Marie does sound a bit weak – but it could be the weather. Singing in cold and windy weather is probably not the easiest. She controls her voice great though, it’s just fantastic to see her up on stage doing a concert like this.

  6. You noticed this too!? I think there were a lot of people that were not Roxette fans, but just attended the party because of TV etc. Glam ! I noticed that Marie tried to interact with the audience especially during Dressed FS but did’nt really get the Roxette-fans response. Hope that we get to see the other 3 songs as well:)

  7. Thanks 🙂 I guess it will only be braodcasted today????Any way that we could see it again via Youtube perhaps? Different time zones problems.

  8. Thanks for the reports and links to youtube!
    Marie’s voice in DFS is great, I think she works bloody hard to achieve all this (again)…

  9. Marie continues to surprise me 🙂 I was so glad that 20 years ago, someone introduce me to IMHBL. Many GREAT things happened in my life because of them 🙂

    Per also looked amazing 🙂 I’m ssssooo happy. What a great way to start new year, with such a positive feeling 🙂

  10. The 2nd video skips all the time for me. Hopefully that will improve the coming days. Can’t really watch this way.

  11. Marie sounded great! 😀 Though IMHBL should have been skipped, that song just never worked well live.

    Does anybody else hate the Party Crasher Tour versions of Joyride and The Look? And Christoffer is annoying!! I just hope they bring Jonas on the tour.

  12. I think IMHBL is best performed the way they did it during the Joyride tour – classic with backing vocals & such emotion!! It does not do it for me live nowadays.
    I agree that Marie’s voice is sounding a whole lot better than the recent concerts in Europe 🙂 and with those bad weather conditions and all. wow! Christoffer brings a nice rock sound to the band even though I like Jonas very much. Thanks to the Roxblog team for all your fantastic efforts with keeping the Roxette addicts informed by the minute!

  13. I think IMHBL needs a new arrangement this one doesn’t seem to work… Perhaps just the piano & Marie that would be beautiful : )

  14. Oojjjjjjjjj..the lovely “MATAH”-Jacket is back!! 😉

    Thanks for the videos…will watch them more carefully soon!

    Happy New Year everyone

  15. Yep, I noticed that. Well, we cannot do a thing with this copyright issue – they have right to do this… but well, it only means we have to make a bootleg out of it and just give a link for download.

  16. Agree, that the arrangements of TL and Joyride don’t do Roxette a favor when playing to a mixed audience. Too many of the songs’ trademarks are lost. I hope they move them nearer to the album versions again for the tour!

    And then I wonder if Marie is still capable of doing a solo piano song like on the previous tours? That was always a highlight for me. Ultimate emotions! 🙂

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