4 thoughts on “Roxette on the Russian “Olivier show””

  1. Does anyone know why they did playbacks for these two tracks? I really don’t like it when they pretend they sing to a recording. Or is it TV medium that dictates this? Would love to know!

  2. I guess it is like it is with al TV-performances since the 80’s: If you want to produce a tv-show with live-music, you can imagine how much extra time, materials, people and especially MONEY it would cost…. Now only the band (without technicians etc) has to be flewn over, without all the instruments and technical gear. They only bring in the original guitars and clarence’s synthesizers as far as I see. They playback each song a couple of times and can fly back…

  3. Thanks, Yes I know that Roxette did it since the 90’s & guess it makes more sense that way, but for die hard Roxette fans it is probably too fake since we know what the album songs sound like and what Marie & Per live sounds like. I’ve also noticed that with these recordings they don’t really do close ups! Too risky I guess in case someone is out of sync..

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