Warsaw New Year’s Show

Is there anything better than to celebrate a New Year with your favourite band on the stage? Don’t think so. I will not write a extensive review as I’m no writer. Just to let you know – I’m really happy about the yesterday’s Roxette performance – they sang live, three songs in each of two sets, no backing female singer this time and no new single. Some funny reports were shown on the screens before the first Rox appearance – they showed their arrival to Warsaw, cameramen followed them on their way from the airport to the hotel and stage – it all looked like the royal familly’s visit, not our’s humble duo. But well, they are super stars after all, so good for them!

The first part began just after 10 PM and it all started with “Dressed for Success,” followed by “Sleeping in my Car” and “It Must Have Been Love.” The second one took place just before the midnight and “Joyride,” “Listen to Your Heart” and “The Look” were performed in the versions we know from the last summer tour. Roxette and the band returned on the stage with their families just before the midnight and stayed there during the opera version of “Ode to joy.”

Though I’m totally satisfied with the show and the weather (just -2C, no snow), I’m not so happy about the crowd – it was quite dangerous and some drunk people just couldn’t enjoy the show in the nice way.

I’m sure you know this by now, but Marie wore the “Milk and Toast and Honey” video coat. Very strong winds blew during the first part and it looked almost the same as during the Stavanger gig in August 🙂 Over 120,000 people were on the Constitution Square in the centre of Warsaw. Though we were informed during the show that it is broadcasted on Radio ZET as well, but unfortunately, it wasn’t (or at least it wasn’t on the internet). So I would like to apologize to all the international fans for that piece of information I gave you few days ago which could have been misleading.


First Roxette picture just before or just after the midnight

The crowd and Roxette on the stage (This is the official Polsat TV HQ file, I thought it will be possible to see faces of Roxette and people from the crowd, but I was wrong)

The City Council

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  1. Wow I am soooo jealous that you got to see Roxette perform live last night. Wish I could have been there!!! Any chance of us seeing a clip of the performance?

  2. Excellent report, I think Marie and Per looked great on the stage, loving that the MATAH coat returned!

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