Polish audience measurements: Roxette attracted the bigger audience

Mediarun.pl reports that Polsat TV’s Warsaw New Year’s Eve Party was watched by 3,65 mln Poles with audience shares of over 30% in the 4+ group. During the midnight celebration (between 23:50 and 00:10) the audience rose to 4,27 mln people. The second channel of Polish national television TVP2 which organized the competing open-air party on the Wroclaw Old Town square – had an audience of 2,75 mln people.


4 thoughts on “Polish audience measurements: Roxette attracted the bigger audience”

  1. Not really. One a proven live band, the other more or less an eurodance studio act, now with unknown voices/faces. It was just interesting that 2 Polish TV channels hired 2 of Sweden’s most successful names for their shows. I’m not sure if A.o.B was headliner though.

  2. it was, in a way, but Rox did a performance just before the midnight and on TVP2 – there three Polish singers who performed, so you can say Rox visit was more important in media than A.o.B.

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