Roxette world tour plan updated: New dates, new Gothenburg venue!

As Live Nation informs with a press release, Roxette sold out the planned Gothenburg venue and move to the bigger Slottsskogsvallen. Already purchased tickets stay valid. The updated tour plan also reveals some extensions of the tour: 2 dates in south Germany were added. Rumoured or questioned dates in Turkey, the UAE and Switzerland get confirmed. The complete up-to-date list:

28.2 Kazan, Russia

03.3 Samara, Russia
05.3 Ekaterinburg, Russia
07.3 Novosibirsk, Russia
10.3 Kiev, Ukraine
12.3 Minsk, Belarus
14.3 Vilnius, Lithuania
16.3 Riga, Latvia
18.3 Tallinn, Estonia

01.4 Mexico City, Mexico
04.4 Buenos Aires, Argentina
05.4 Buenos Aires, Argentina
07.4 Córdoba, Argentina
09.4 Santiago, Chile
12.4 Porto Alegre, Brazil
14.4 Sao Paulo, Brazil
16.4 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17.4 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
19.4 Sao Paulo, Brazil

10.5 Cape Town, South Africa
11.5 Cape Town, South Africa
14.5 Sun City, South Africa
15.5 Sun City, South Africa
20.5 Dubai, UAE – apparently not cancelled
25.5 Istanbul, Turkey – new date
27.5 Athens, Greece
29.5 Sofia, Bulgaria
30.5 Bucharest, Romania

01.6 Budapest, Hungary
03.6 Graz, Austria
05.6 Prague, Czech Republic
06.6 Košice, Slovakia
09.6 Bergen, Norway
11.6 Berlin, Germany
12.6 Frankfurt, Germany
15.6 Leipzig, Germany
16.6 Cologne, Germany
19.6 Warsaw, Poland
24.6 Ingolstadt, Germany – new date
25.6 Neckarsulm, Germany – new date

07.7 Stavern, Norway
09.7 Bospop, Netherlands
14.7 Locarno, Switzerland – apparently not cancelled
16.7 Pargas, Finland
22.7 Copenhagen, Denmark
24.7 Gothenburg, Sweden
31.7 Tienen, Belgium

Source: Live Nation press release
Visit our Tour 2011 page for a complete list with arenas, links to ticket stores and a world map with all the dates.

19 thoughts on “Roxette world tour plan updated: New dates, new Gothenburg venue!”

  1. So Turkish rumours were true in the end. Strange thing with the Dubai gig.

    Are those two new German dates are some kind of festivals? I never heard of those places…

  2. Would be great to get some infos about the gig at Neckarsulm. Maybe I’m gonna cancel Berlin and go there instead…

  3. Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sounds like Audi to me, they have their main production plants there.
    I wanted to go to Frankfurt, but I hope to find time to be there, would be very cool.

    • Lol, there is in fact some kind of Audi festival during that time but at a place quite some kilometers away 😀

  4. I now have a spare ticket for the Gothenburg Show at ‘Slottsskogsvallen’ on 24th July, if anyone wishes to buy it – (it is a PDF ticket so no postage costs!) I am willing to let it go for £35, which is cheaper than I paid!

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