“She’s Got Nothing On” out in Spain and reaches #12 on iTunes

Roxette’s new single is out in Spain via iTunes since yesterday. Funny how, the single reached #12 in the iTunes charts and that without promotion, since the promotion on radios won’t start until this weekend. The highest position was reached in Sweden so far: #10.

You can see an overview of all iTunes charts on this website.

There are no confirmed dates for Spain yet, it will probably depend on the sales of the single and specially the album, but if it goes on like this, no promoter could ever say no!

We’ll keep you informed!

Update Jan 13: The single has reached #10 in Spain as well!

8 thoughts on ““She’s Got Nothing On” out in Spain and reaches #12 on iTunes”

  1. I’m so happy about this.
    I’m from Málaga-Andalucía-Málaga.
    I want Roxette to consider to visit us in a concert.
    Specially in Málaga Spain.Kisses.
    Thank you.

  2. If they visit Spain, I would certainly consider going to a show or two! It has been ages since I went to Spain for a break although I suspect my Spanish is a little rusty these days! 😉

  3. Reached #10 in Spain, and it’s one of the few countries with no news about having a Live here… That’s how roxette treat their spanish fans..

  4. This has nothing to do with them, THEY don’t decide where to go, but it’s about finding willing promoters, looks like Spanish promoters are still doubting.

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