The video premiere is set on Friday

It seems like the video for “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” single is set to be shown for the very first time on the Roxette Offcial Facebook page in the Video section on January 14th, Friday.

14 thoughts on “The video premiere is set on Friday”

  1. Yep, hope they will send some kind of press release on that – it would help to promote the Facebook page! 2,500 fans is too little for Roxette.

  2. With this digital age and all there are still a lot of fans that don’t follow Roxette via these great mediums like Facebook and web pages like this one and TDR. I am curious to know if Marie & Per made other videos as well for charm school ? Don’t see that they will have much time to do that with a world tour taking place…

    • Maybe they could film a concert and use that for the next single. Wouldn’t it be cool with a live video?

  3. It’s not that fun when the official news come out first on facebook… there is an official site – register-free, there is twitter – got an account because of Per, and now….facebook – never for me 🙁

  4. I have sent an email to EMI Germany in the beginning of this week in order to activate them to make more promotion for the new ROX-stuff and I know many other fans also did so.
    Obviously they didn’t ignore us and updated at least the news section on their website. Hope there will be much more promo activities!

  5. It is available now! Pretty amazing video, they both look so great and happy (still don’t understand what the priest does in the party), I loved the joyride vinyl

  6. May I quote my girlfriend: “Every song get’s the video it deserves” – and she can’t stand the song.

  7. Well if you release a so-so song and you still want it to become a video hit, at least hire a good director like Mark Romanek or Michel Gondry…

    Seriously, the video is bad.

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