East European Version of “Charm school”

Roxette’s new album, which will be out in a month time, will be released not only as a standard, deluxe and vinyl edition, but also as the East European Version for countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

The only difference between the standard version and the EEV is the booklet. It is very likely that it will include only 4 pages. On the back of the album flags of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania should be included as well. Thanks to that EMI Music reduces the price of the album to around 9 EUR0 for each copy and increases the sale in countries mentioned above.

Source: Fan.pl

Thanks to Miki Pe for informing us.

7 thoughts on “East European Version of “Charm school””

  1. Oh I would like a copy of this version, I love to collect different releases! Tomos is there a shop perhaps in Poland that will send items to the UK [I guess a little like CDON!]

  2. Jiri, the standard and deluxe editions will be available in Poland as well! So I think Czechs will get the same variaty of products 🙂

  3. Alison, there are few shops which ship abroad. But as for now they don’t have CS on their lists. I’m it will be updated in the next days/weeks.

  4. Tomasz, knowing Czech music market I´m sceptic about this. Don´t understand it. Is booklet really the most expensive part of an album (I mean the whole process of making an album), that removing 4 pages lowers price to its half? Or is it the smallest item on the bill? I see this reducing as a useless step.

  5. Abysmo, yeah, fully agree with you, those versions really suck! btw. I just have checked the Bontonland, they got normal version for about 17 eur listed (479 CZK), deluxe for 22 eur (549 CZK).

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