Roxette promotion in Spain: video premiere tomorrow on

EMI Spain has set up quite a big promotion plan for Roxette in Spain. Besides launching the new single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” on iTunes this week (where it reached #10 so far) and on Spotify, these are some of the activities which are planned and some general information and dates:

  • January 14th: Video premiere on Spanish public TV website The video will be available on the website the whole day.
  • January 15th: the video will be available on VEVO (YouTube) and digital partners for purchase.
  • February 15th: album is going to be released. There will be the normal edition of the CD, the Deluxe version will be available via iTunes
  • Increased presence of Roxette on internet via the following pages – don’t forget to join!
    • official Facebook page for all Spanish (speaking) fans: Roxette Spain.
    • besides the website (which we started in 99, can you believe it?), the Spanish fanclub opened a  Facebook page and Twitter account

Unfortunately, no date for a concert is set up yet, we are afraid Spanish promoters will wait to see the response to the single and album to decide on bringing the band to Spain or not.

In order to help spread the word, Roxspain, the Spanish Roxette Fanclub, is collaborating with EMI Spain on some actions with and for fans. We’ll definetely need your help. Since this is mostly targeted to Spanish fans, we will have most of the information on the websites mentioned above – we will, of course, summarize the information here from time to time to keep everybody updated.

Hagamos que un (o dos? ;)) concierto de Roxette en España sea realidad! (Let’s make a concert (or two) in Spain a reality!)

4 thoughts on “Roxette promotion in Spain: video premiere tomorrow on”

  1. That’s such a fantastic news for fans in Spain, that will increase the interest of the promoters, I’m pretty sure Roxette will be include Spain on their tour plan

  2. It’s fantastic,i’m Spanish.
    Spain Loves Roxette.In the summer would be perfect to make Roxette tour in Malaga, Andalucia, Spain.
    Madrid?Barcelona?and Málaga? I hope.
    Charm School Deluxe release please.
    I’m glad.
    Thank you.

  3. I’m sure that with right promotion the single will be a hit! By the way, during the holidays they mentioned Roxette’s comeback at Cuatro TV channel news reports and there was also mention in the ADN free newspaper.

    Does the info mean that the single will not be released as a CD? It’s also a pity not to be able to buy the physical Deluxe CD. Still hoping for a concert… Barcelona, plz!!!!!

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