27 thoughts on “Roxette’s new video is out!”

  1. This is properly annoying. As I’m in the UK, I am not allowed to view the content of the video on Facebook or Youtube!!! Yet again the UK is left wanting….this is getting depressing now. :o(

  2. For some reason, RoxetteVevo was blocked in US (wonder why?), but I’ve seen the video. I think my fear has came true: too many people that I didn’t care about, so less Roxette.
    Also, The Roxette part and the party didn’t really “matched” to each other. I kinda wish Roxette would be IN the party (like others suggested) instead. I am not expert in video/cinematography, but it seemed they use better lighting in the ‘party’ part than in Roxette part, I wish they were switched.

  3. Hm, I don’t really understand the “story”. And I agree: Roxette should have been part of the party. Their studio-part seems a bit out of place. I think this is a weak video, but I also don’t really care about such things anymore these days. Let them do crappy videos again and again – as long as we get new songs, that’s perfectly fine with me 🙂

  4. Mathew: Don’t worry, German fans can’t watch it either. 😉 But from what I read it’s cheap and not really worth watching. So I keep cool as I think we didn’t miss anythng so far.

  5. For the very first time in my life I skipped the new Rox video. It looks cheap and Rox parts are not matched with the crowd. Do not really like it, unfortunately.

  6. Hey, the video is not THAT bad! it has 3 nice characters. Too bad the video doesn’t put more consistency in their stories.

    And let’s be serious, a famous director doesn’t necessarily mean a genius work, it means just fame. I for one, got tired of the same names in the video industry and I think it was cool to get a young Swede doing the job.

    I just wish the next Roxette videos to be more interesting…

  7. Yep, this link works SGNO(BTR) saves as a FLV file and plays with VLC player… 😉

    I really want a feather pillow fight now, preferably with the management of EMI!

    I have to admit I like the video regardless of it taking over two hours to get to FINALLY view it! Although in truth Marie does not look comfortable in the video, Per seems at ease but Marie seems a little distant…

  8. I really don`t understand you guys at all! What did you expected, to use the same ideas as 20 years ago in the roxvideos?? Come oon!!!
    Yes, ok, besides the “too big light” from the Marie&Per parts from the video, the rest of it is a very good shoot. The idea is very fresh, i think catchy for the younger audience (not us the over 30`s or so 😉 ….
    An argument for this is the latest KATY PERRY`s video FIREWORK which features the same a bunch of teens having fun. Katy`s video was so “crap” that along with the single helped her to be no.1 in the US sales chart. So…let this be a “bad” video and to help Roxette enter the top10 sales charts around the world.
    Thanks Marie, Per & all the team for the work!

  9. I had the plan to post the video as soon as it’s out on my facebook-site but after I saw it: no way …

  10. Oh I liked it a lot but what the fuck is wrong with EMI putting it up in not a HD quality. It looked great at Mats Udd vimeo, but on this shit vevo. urkkk

  11. I don’t like the video so I am glad it will be an underdog but why don’t they put the video just on roxette.se … I mean, nothing easier than that!? At least it would be “my” first realease-location, if I was them.

  12. I only saw it now, but I agree with the majority of the feedback on facebook and here: not the best work of Roxette – actually very disappointing. I agree Marie F looks very uncomfortable here – younger director can’t necessarily relate to these two greate musicians and their music. Videos are not everything, but I really don’t want to keep this video ! and that says a lot!!!!!

  13. I’m kinda disappointed by the video while it’s not terribly embarrassing either. Would be a lot better if the rox lighting would match the light behind the party crowd, so that Roxette appeared to be the source of light. Technical weakness there. And then some of the Roxette shots are not the most flattering in itself. Why do I have to look into Marie’s nose all the time? Bad camera angles and cuts, also the very end. Hope for the next one!

    • I think it would have been better a) at LEIFs and b) having ROX enter the room instead of the light.

      I guess there are reasons why they did it separately, but well.. yeah, there are positive things too. Marie, the LP thing, Marie, the hottie.. 😛

  14. LOVE the song, HATE the video.

    It’s absolutely terrible, sorry but I really wouldn’t have bothered. The Marie and Per bits look so cheap and tacky.

    I think if money was an issue then they could have done something far more interesting. Example – look at Goldfrapp’s videos. They have very little money (Alison Goldfrapp always saying this in interviews for Videos) however they ALWAYS manage to pull off a brilliant and kooky video.

    On a positive note, I’m so pleased we have Rox back.

  15. Does anyone spot the JOYRIDE LP in this video?????
    Check out the girl taking the record off the shelf! Yip Joyride – nice 🙂
    Still don’t like this vid, but I have to give Marie credit for effort with such a bogus project – one can see at the end MARIE & PER are laughing their heads off at this project!!

  16. yes, that’s a nice touch 🙂 Indeed, Marie must have been dragged there 😀 But in the end she is laughing and that looks real and fun, and the looks are there.. ah well, it’s not like I used to watch videos again and again.

  17. Still don’t understand about the ‘blocking’ thing. Isn’t that bad for promotion? Though, after see the vid, nothing to miss really. Anyway, gotta move on I guess.

    Wonder if there’s gonna be a video of “Way Out” and “Sitting On The Top Of The World? Especially those will be release as singles in US? (according to TDR)

  18. I like it! It’s maybe too little Per & Marie – would have been cool to see them on the party 🙂

    Good job!!

    Roxette were always different and trying out new stuff. In the end that what makes them such a great band. Which story do you miss? Does the song have a story?? Its like in Joyride or Dressed – its about a feeling. And the video does convey a feeling. Remember Marie sitting on a toilet playing the guitar, wow! LOL

    I’m pretty sure it will grow on you guys as (more or less) always 😉


  19. Disappointing! I was expecting something far better!

    Although having watched it a few times it isn’t as bad as I originally thought.

    Marie does seem uncomfortable in it… I just think they could have made them look so much better, they actually look tired & old! Critics will eat this up!

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