“She’s Got Nothin On (But The Radio)” remixes on the way!

As Per Gessle revealed recently, Roxette’s new single is getting some remixes. Now Björn Engelmann from Cutting Room Studios wrote that he was mastering the remixes yesterday. So we should see a release of those pretty soon! We don’t know yet if on Maxi-CD, a special remix single or download.

Meanwhile the video for the single got 100,000 views on MyVideo (exclusive video site for EMI artists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) already in 4 days. Compared with the current competition there a great success!

9 thoughts on ““She’s Got Nothin On (But The Radio)” remixes on the way!”

  1. Nice, hope it’s not a ‘digital only’ release.

    BTW SGNO misses the official german Top100 in it’s 1st possible week 🙁 …maybe next week or when the physical single is out.

  2. But do we know if it’s registered for the German charts yet? It’s obvious that EMI concentrates on the 28th, the download isn’t mentioned on any page or promo text.

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