UK album and single release expected in the spring!

In a press release issued by EMI Music today, they confirm that the European launch of Charm School will be on Monday 14th February, while the UK will see a launch of the album and a single in the spring. Which single will be released in the UK remains to be seen!

Update: according to, the album will be released on April 4th and both versions, standard and deluxe, will be available. Thanks David for the information!

4 thoughts on “UK album and single release expected in the spring!”

  1. I don’t feel it’s a good move. They did the same with RS back in 2001, though TBH campaing in 2003 was a good idea and it worked out fine.

  2. But RS had no “serious release” in the UK. If they don’t plan any promo they could just release it “silently” in Feb. If they plan a marketing campaign the delay is worth it. Only some real fans will have imported it.

  3. I will have ordered it and I know many other UK fans who will do the same…

    In truth this statement only got released today because someone in promotions (no names will be mentioned) got several emails (maybe more) this morning about the Roxette release in the UK… she was emailed by me around 10.30am by me and this press release went out at 11.26am (how ironic!)

  4. I Think the real fans from the UK Bought it somewhere else at the time it released is in the UK
    Charm School release should be at the same time alt least in whole europe! World wide was even better! But that is maybe to optimistic!

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