reveals “Charm School” running time

According to‘s MP3 shop, the running time of Roxette’s upcoming album will be 40 minutes and 52 seconds. The times of the tracks:

1. Way Out 2:45
2. No One Makes it on Her Own 3:42
3. She’s Got Nothing on (But The Radio) 3:33
4. Speak to Me 3:41
5. I’m Glad You Called 2:48
6. Only when I Dream 3:52
7. Dream on 3:09
8. Big Black Cadillac 3:05
9. In My Own Way 3:30
10. After All 3:15
11. Happy on the Outside 3:37
12. Sitting on Top of the World 3:55

So make your guesses now which is up-tempo and which a ballad! There are no snippets yet…

Thanks lyrejünger at via Daniel K. for the info!

15 thoughts on “ reveals “Charm School” running time”

  1. Wow, “Glad You Called” is short compared to the Party Crasher version!

    And Majdy, yeah you’re right I think. Though “Weight of the World” and “Better Off On Her Own” are right behind at 2.48 and 2.51 =)

    Seems like quite a short album actually – no song any longer than 4 minutes. Though we have yet to find out how long the vinyl versions of “Speak To Me” and “No One Makes It On Her Own” will be.

  2. All the songs seem very short!!! But I also prefer shorter songs (I think Per is doing it a la Beatles style)! Love is all on Crash! BB! was too long in my opinion (6.11). One tends to lose interest in a song if it’s too long and dragged out.
    I think Charms school is going to be powerful pop!! Ahhhh I want to listen to the songs already!!!!!! 🙂
    The last track (Marie) Sitting on top of the world is just short of 4 minutes which is perfect for a ballad!

  3. Another option would have been longer album and short radio versions like on CBB but I don’t wanna moan. 😉

  4. Yes, Beatles style… or Ramones… Short is great for me: I like all these short Rox songs you mentioned, and don’t forget Opp Nox, which would have been even greater ending at 2:45!

  5. 40 mins? C’ mon, Room Service was too short with 43 mins. And now? Joyride or CBB have 60 mins. It’ s not an album, it’ s EP. :/

  6. I know it’s music, but still, when Roxette recorded 4 mins long songs, they put them 15 on the album. Now they record 3 mins long songs and put there only 12 songs (Room Service also). Why?

  7. Per once said they don’t want the listener to get bored during the album. To keep a lust for more. That change of thinking must have happened in the late 90s. If you check other artists, many current albums have only 9 or 10 tracks. While many albums in the 70s were even shorter.

  8. Yea, I know some 8 tracks/30 mins albums from late 60’s/early 70’s. But those artists releases 2 albums a year. If there will be another album in 2012/2013, I mean ‘shorter album – shorter break’, then it’s OK. I like new single, hope I’ll do with whole new album. But just can’t imagine how could been cut 20% of I’m Glad You Called (one of my fav PC song).

  9. SGNOBTR is actually 3 or 4 seconds longer, so there’s a chance that SOTTOTW is gonna be 4 minutes long… there’s nothing wrong with short songs, but I’d be glad if they’d put some 4minutes songs on the album 🙁

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