German concert tickets selling very well

Our reader Thorsten asked the German tour promoters about Roxette’s ticket sales. Here’s what he found out:

Out of curiosity I contactet the German concert agency that organizes Roxette’s German concerts and also the local organization staff for each
of the 4 German concerts in Cologne, Leipzig, Berlin and Oberursel. I got official confirmation today from Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur (
that the Berlin gig is definitely sold out with 10.000 tickets. The
Hessentag staff responsible for the concert in Oberursel just e-mailed me
that by the end of December 5.000 tickets had been sold. By today ticket
sales have surpassed 10.000 already for the Roxette gig. Additionally they
let me know that the Hessentags-Arena will hold a capacity of 30.000
people for the Rox concert and that I should better hurry to buy tickets.
The agency responsible for the Cologne gig at Tanzbrunnen (DBE) wouldn’t
tell me the exact sales figures. But after I asked if the rumor was true
that already more than 5.000 of the ca. 10.000 tickets had been sold, the
reply was “we recommend to buy tickets soon!“. So I figure a substantial
number of tickets has already been sold. I’m still waiting for a response
for the Leipzig concert and will let you know what I heard if that is of
interest to you and this news site.

Thanks for the investigations, Thorsten! Of course all the other readers are invited to share interesting stories and news as well via our contact form or comments!

Meanwhile the recently added concert dates in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm appear to be deleted from’s tour plan, while still part of Livenation’s. That doesn’t have to mean they are cancelled as we learned from the re-appearance of the Dubai gig. So let’s wait for the next tour update that Per indicated recently.

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  1. There are only about 700 tickets for the show in Buenos Aires Roxette on April 4. Until now they have sold about 8000. We are waiting for the sale of tickets for the second show (april 5).
    Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  2. …if they manage to sell out the Oberursel gig, it’s gonna be the biggest Roxette audience ever in Germany as far as I know. 30.000 ppl is a lot for a band that had disappeared for almost a decade. And hey, 2011 is not their Joyride-heydays, which makes it even greater. I got a very good feeling about this tour. 🙂

    • That would be awesome for Roxette as a vintage band! 55 000 people attended the CBB show in 95 in Johannesburg, South Africa (and that was when they were still at their peak of their career). Interesting as I think Marie prefers to go smaller nowadays – they started to go smaller with the Room Service tour in 2001….

  3. There are just about 600 tickets left for the concert in Prague, only seating in the top part of the hall.

  4. Hi
    As it was reported, in Bulgaria the concert was moved from a hall (4.000) to a stadium, although only part of it will be used. I have been checking the website where the tickets are being sold and if the information is updated, more or less half of the stadium part (the central one) is sold. Can’t tell you how many tickets this means but maybe 2.000 more sold and 3.000 to sell, but I could be wrong as I am interpreting a map!!! Correct me if I’m wrong;)

  5. That should make the Oberursel gig the biggest on this tour, if it’s sold out? And the second biggest would be Slottsskogsvallen followed by Prague? But maybe the Tivoli in Copenhagen takes a lot of people.

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