“Charm School” snippets out there!

Who would have thought the Frenchmen take a role in Roxette’s career again? Yes, it looks like a French music store is the first to offer 30 second clips of Roxette’s new album “Charm School”, to be released February 11 or 14 (depending on country).

If you can’t resist the temptation – here’s the link: qobuz.com – Just click “ECOUTER 30s”!

Update: It looks like somebody did a mistake – AGAIN. The snippets are gone from the website. No, we won’t link to any copies of them.

Update January 24: The album is listed for pre-ordering at iTunes – incl. slightly different snippets. Click here!

Update January 25: JPC.de listed the album as well, including different snippets. Thanks Volker!

48 thoughts on ““Charm School” snippets out there!”

  1. I wish I had the same will power as some people here to resist listening to the snippets.. 🙂

    I am glad I caught them the one time though…I am now completely confident that this album will be fantastic and has the potential to find an audience outside of the Rox fan base.

    I was not expecting to be this impressed and I think this could become my favourite Rox album…time will tell 😉

  2. Speak To Me is my personal favourite. I’m Glad You Called sounds promising. I like also Only When I Dream, Big Black Cadillac, Happy On The Outside and Dream On (nice one, made me smile, btw do you remember Clarence cembalo solo video?). But I miss some big dark ballad.

  3. Thanks for the iTunes link.
    Feel a bit ripped off after locking in at iTunes, seems you can’t buy songs individual. So if people like me, who prefer to have a physical cd with a nice booklet, have to buy the whole album again just to get the bonus track???

  4. I think that’s just because of the pre-order status. We’ll see about IMHBL when it’s released, that could stay locked.

  5. Big Black Cadillac starts to grow on me. IMO, it should be the opening song. Speak To Me and Only In My Dream still my favorites though.

  6. Ok had to listen… Big Cadillac sounds cool – Per and Marie’s voices combined again!
    I think this is going to be a hit album…..

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