EMI Taiwan: Full song countdown on Facebook starting this Friday

According to EMI Taiwan’s (now called Gold Typhoon) blog one full “Charm School” song per day will be put on Roxette’s official Facebook page for preview, starting on January 28!

Thanks our reader Yu Ho for the tip! If you readers from Asia and other regions which are hard to monitor for a European find more news, official charts or other interesting info, please tell us!

Update January 27: It’s just about “beautiful snippets”, not full songs.

Update January 28: Yu Ho got to now the following: “EMI Taiwan explained that the notification they got said “a new track” each day, and they translated it into “??” [Chinese signs] on the blog. That was why I said full length in my comment on RXB.”

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  1. Roxette has entered Indonesian radio chart as well, and they keep climbing 😉 So far they first single always be in top 5, hopefully this one also.

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