Roxette poster in Polish magazine

Seeing a poster of Roxette included in a magazine is a quite unusual sight these days. But it did happened! Polish music monthly called “Machina” publishes the well-known Roxette picture from Moscow in the February edition – with the greetings from Per himself written in Polish – “Pozdrawiam ludzi z Polski” which could be translated into “Greetings to all Polish people”. I’m a little bit sceptical if it was really Per who wrote that.

“Machina” costs only 5 PLN (around 1,25 euro).

Source: Machina fan page (poster and greetings), Cover of the magazine

5 thoughts on “Roxette poster in Polish magazine”

  1. Oh, didn’t know that, thanks Evgeny.

    @Sascha well, you mean the German edition? 😉 As for Polish one – there was only a box with info that Roxette is realease a new album, but well, somehow it feels like buying German Bravo in the early 90-ies 😀 Polish Gessle greetings are fake and there is even a spelling mistake, hmmm…

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