First reviews to “Charm School”

New album is ‘out’ and we can read first reviews. Expressen’s journalist and old time Roxette reviewer Anders Nunstedt writes his review, gives 2/5 to the new album and sais that “Roxette’s comeback album is a clear return to the successful sound. Just a bit more boring. Without the former charm.”

He adds that “album is not bad, is rather twice as good as “Room Service”.” and concludes with note that “”Charm School” is a typical middle-of-the-road pop-up to 70 km/h, with no specific destination. Stable, but not adventurous. But then it sounded fun.”

There’s also two Czech reviews, both very possitive. See the links below:

Expressen 2/5
Corren 4/5
UNT.SE (no rating)
Dagens Nyheter 3/5
Göteborgs Posten 2/5
SVD 1/6
Kristianstadsbladet 2/5
Västerbottens-Kuriren 2/5
Kulturbloggen 3/5
Aftonbladet 2/5
Musikindustrin (positive, putting critics into context)

The AU Review 6/10
Rave Magazine 3/5

t-music (no rating)
Rock & Pop 4/5

Plattentests 5/10 3/5
butjer 4.5/5 (no rating)
Focus 8/10 3/5
n-tv (no rating, but very positive) 6/10
monsters & critics (rating: “convincing”)
CD Starts 6/10

Music Bug 9/10

Debaser 3/5 (no rating)

Norwegian 4/6
oslopuls 2/6

El Tiempo (no rating)

If you find any “Charm School” review somewhere on the internet, don’t hesitate to post a link to the discussion under this article!

51 thoughts on “First reviews to “Charm School””

  1. Rather nice review by Kulturbloggen. They actually listened to the album several times and focus on the music. 😛

    • I agree with you. Kulturbloggen has reviewed the album. The rest of the swedish media seems to have reviewed Roxette. Also it feels like they all compare CS with the old albums instead of making a review of CS.

  2. yes, typical envy dissing Gessle reviews. And Nundstedt speaks and the rest follow. Pathetic!!! Instead of being proud of such a great band which, they like it or not, made history and will always be related to Sweden, nooooo let’s be negative, let’s hate them for being THAT successful.
    But well, I have seen that before with Eva Dahlgren.

  3. I feel sorry for swedish media, it’s clear they’re biased… of course, music is not objective, but giving CS 1 point, that’s really embarassing, at least for me 😉 I’d be happier if swedish people were proud of them 🙂

  4. German

    “Charm School is […] a typical Roxette album, which currently makes it an outstanding longplayer.”
    “None of the bands [which have recently released a comeback album] – maybe except OMD – has got such an unmistakable, unique sound like Roxette. And that’s exactly what makes them so special – even ten years after their last studio.”

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