Per Gessle about Roxette: “Marie decided to go on with Roxette after Amsterdam”

German newspaper Aachner Zeitung published an article including some quotes of Per Gessle during the presentation of “Charm School” which took place in Cologne some weeks ago.

Per explains Marie’s illness was a big shock for him, and he took two important decisions after the first schock-phase. He decided he would not go on with Roxette without Marie, because “our interweaved voices had contributed to the big success of our songs.” And that it would be up to Marie to decide if she wanted to go on with Roxette or not.

His view on Roxette is that when they work together, “there is this magic in the air, this idea of easy to recognise but still meaningfull pop.” The new album is released when Roxette turns 25 years, “I think we can really affirm that our carrier has been a joyide.”

Marie didn’t join Per during this visit to Germany, “the reason is that she is unsure,” Per explains. He thinks that the music business can be sometimes merciless and that one has to function (100%), “and this is for such a sensible person as Marie hard to bear.”

Of course, we all agree that it is a miracle that a new studio album is being released next week. Per explained how and when Marie took the decision to go on with Roxette: it was at his Party Crasher Tour concert in Amsterdam, where Marie joined Per on stage to play two Roxette songs, “the audience cried of the emotion,” he adds showing goosebumps on his arm, “we were so touched about this reaction, that she decided that evening to go on with Roxette.”

He also tells that if there is anything they have learnt during the 25 years of Roxette, “then this must have been patience.”

11 thoughts on “Per Gessle about Roxette: “Marie decided to go on with Roxette after Amsterdam””

  1. This is such a great and emotional interview, would be great if we could read the original text of the interview Per had done in english…! But thank you for translating, Jud! (Even if I’m from germany, so I’m able to read the text in the newspaper… 😉 )
    Bye the way, did someone buy the real paper?? I’m curious about some more pictures?

  2. That concert in Amsterdam was really touching, nobody knew the moment when Marie came out on stage and once she was out, she found an energic and emotional audience who cried a river when the first verses of It must have been love were played. Most of fans got the news while waiting outside Melkweg. A night to remember

  3. Sure! And if that was the night she dicided to go on with all these incredible things going on right now, it is historical!! 😉

    I remember just watching the videos was enough to bring tears in my eyes…. Nice to read that it was a similar feeling for them…

  4. I just cried again remembering that moment. It’s just so great, and i love the new album. Marie’s voice is unbelievable , and Per accompanies her so nice, they were meant to be together, i still think at some point in life they were a couple, just my dream….

  5. I have such fond memories of that night in Amsterdam and I am so glad I decided to join the concert there with the rumours I heard the week before hand, it was a special magical moment not to miss. I cried, although in truth I do not think there was a dry eye in the audience when Marie joined Per on stage and sang how she did, Per’s comment he made is stuck in my head ‘Don’t forgot your cameras!’ as about 500+ plus cameras appeared held up to capture that Per and Marie moment again! Even Åsa and Marie Dimberg were spotted with tears in their eyes…

  6. @alison if you’ve seen the youtube movies per did after that show, i think asa was holding the camera, they were in tears, Per too, and DImberg had a hankerchieff too. Asa said she cried to, magical moment. I think this article should contain that moment, the film…

  7. Marie looks soooo happy that evening, it’s a pleasure to see her smiling in that way! It’s so cute how Per and Marie react to eachother on stage…! 😉

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