Roxette are back in the German singles Top 20 after 17 years!

The insider report by Roxette fan Gellner just got officially confirmed: Roxette’s new single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) entered the official sales charts of Germany at #18! This is Roxette’s first Top 20 hit single since “Sleeping In My Car”, the lead single from “Crash! Boom! Bang!” in early 1994.

All singles after that failed to reach a Top 20 position, with “Wish I Could Fly” (#26) and “Stars” (#23) coming close in 1999. It’s clear that Roxette got more of an album band in these regions, with all studio albums since “Joyride” reaching a Top 3 position.

On the national radio charts the song climbed up to #20 after 22, 43 and 71 in Germany. In Austria it reached #27 after 52 and 44, while climbing from 63 to #49 in Switzerland.

The full sales charts with Roxette’s entry will be published on Friday. Source: Media Control

6 thoughts on “Roxette are back in the German singles Top 20 after 17 years!”

  1. Whoa! This just feels so good. They deserve to have another hit single after all those years!!! Let’s hope SGNO keeps climbing on the chart ladder 🙂

    Btw: German newspaper “Frankfurter Rundschau” has published an interview with Per today:

    Apart from the usual answer’s about Marie’s illness and Roxette’s comeback, Per reveals why they keep playing their old hits despite Roxette’s fresh start with CS:
    “That’s simply because I’m a fan myself. If I go to see U2, the Stones or AC/DC, I want to hear their greatest hits. I remember going to a concert of The Police’s Reunion Tour once and they only played three of their hits – and then all this other shit they had been doing. I hated it and left. If David Bowie ever goes on tour again, I’ll want to hear the hits that have meant so much to me. Not the ones he happens to be desperate to play. If I pay – play for me!”

    A rare question is this one: “Is it true that your son was born to the sound of ‘Yellow Submarine’?”
    Per: Yes, that’s true, but we hadn’t meant for it to be like that. You know, every couple have got their own song, for me and my wife it’s ‘Here, There And Everywhere’ by the Beatles. It’s on the ‘Revolver’ Album. Gabriel was born by Caesarian section, and I had brought my ghetto blaster into the theatre and said to the doctor: ,Let me know about three minutes before you get him out. I want for him to be born to the sound of our song.’ When the doctor went: ,Ok, we’re getting started!,’ I played ‘Here, There And Everywhere.’ But the birth took 30 seconds longer, and the next song on the album is ‘Yellow Submarine.’ That one’s quite different, of course. I’ll probably have to include this in my speech for Gabriel’s 18th birthday.


  2. Great score. But what’s happening in Sweden? Still no Topplistan entry. Strange cos first singles were always bestsellers. Neverendng Love was #3, Dressed For Success #2, Joyride #1, How Do You Do #2, Sleeping In My Car #1, You Don’t Understand Me #9, Wish I Could Fly #4, The Center Of The Heart #1, A Thing About You #14, Opprotunity Nox #11, One Wish #2.

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