Roxette to perform 25 songs on the forthcoming tour

Per Gessle has revealed in today’s inteview for Swedish radio station Mix Megapol that Roxette would probably perform 25 songs on the new tour – they rehearsed 5 songs from the new album as well. In the new German interview for Frankfurter Rundschau he also reveals that they will play their biggest hit mostly

That’s simply because I’m a fan myself. If I go to see U2, the Stones or AC/DC, I want to hear their greatest hits. I remember going to a concert of The Police’s Reunion Tour once and they only played three of their hits – and then all this other shit they had been doing. I hated it and left. If David Bowie ever goes on tour again, I’ll want to hear the hits that have meant so much to me. Not the ones he happens to be desperate to play. If I pay – play for me!

Listen to the interview (5 mintues in to the clip)
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Thanks to Daniel and Mr Jefferson for those pieces of information.

Update February 10: features an English translation of the whole interview. Thanks Mixella!

25 thoughts on “Roxette to perform 25 songs on the forthcoming tour”

  1. But Roxette have so many songs that aren’t big hits! 🙂 Would love to hear some unknown songs as well. 🙂

  2. yep, that’s true. i’ve listened to the interview now… i wanted to change this one as soon as possible 😉

  3. I am also a bit surprised at the quantity! I am extastic that we get to hear 25 songs = 2 hour concert!!
    I agree I think they are probably looking at which ones from CS work the best live. I think definately SGNOBTR, Big Black Cadillac & really wishing for Speak to me!!

  4. Don’t forget that they will – very probably – do a medley of 4 songs on Wetten dass this Friday, so they might squeeze more songs in to the medley things 😉

  5. Was a very nice interview. Very hard to understand for me because they were jokin’ all the time. Anyway, interesting!

  6. They joked a lot, Per is accually funny, but I guess that’s not new to most of you.

    Some of the highlights:
    They asked him if Yemen belongs to Asia or Africa, since Per travells a lot. -No idea, it don’t belong to Halland atleast. Geography was not my best subject in school.

    – You are gonna play in Dubai, that I know.
    – I know that to.

    He sais that the families are coming along on the tour as much as possible. He also sais that they are not going to be away for all the time, they will come home now and then. Maries doesn’t want to play two days in a row.

    – Kazan, I watched sports in Kazan, it’s cold there.
    – Yes, I have bought a new wintercoat.

    Then they asks if he wants to sell out and sell Roxette t-shirts at “Dressmann” (Swedish chain for men’s clothing)
    – Depends on how well the tour goes, he answers.

    At 27:20 they play No one makes it on her own.

    Per sais that he is going to Germany tomorrow for some promotion in for exampel morning TV. Marie is coming on friday for “Wetten dass” this weekend.
    – Do you speak english, or have you learned german by now?
    – I speak swedish, so can they follow as much as they can. No, we speak english.

  7. He also said that once a german fan woke him up when he was resting in his yard and asked for an autograph.

  8. I was looking forward to this tour but when I spotted during the reharsals for this world tour, the same cheap poster on the back of the scene that was shown on the mini tour last year, I’m disappointed.
    I think they can afford to make a great show. Per says it’s all about music but all the bands make their shows more attractive by some speccial effects. I know it costs some money but the info about ‘great shows’ spreads all around and increase ticket sales. Many bands are well-known that they deliver great entertainment on the concerts and people know that the tickets are worth their prices. The don’t need to have a hit singles to have sold out huge events.
    I’m affraid that if Roxette will make this tour the way they did mini-tour, many not-fans people will be disappointed. The band with this kind of status in show business should give people some more and people expect it.
    Especially when Marie doesn’t move on the stage like she used to – some special effects would help a lot.
    They should also rearrange their scene – it looks so flat and boring… I hope they will surprise us anyway…

  9. @jacobsen66 > You don’t think that the “cheap poster” is just for the fun of it during the rehearsels? That we see that in the rehearsels movies does not mean that they will bring on the tour. I accually liked that poster, BTW.

  10. I hope that Roxette could bring good stage lighting, effects, projections, whatever, it is not necessary an exceptional or complex stage but something cool, the way they did in the 90s. Per has used pretty decent ones when he toured with Gyllene Tider and also on his EHM solo tour.

  11. I agree with jacobsen66. They should definitely build a good looking stage and have nice lighting effects and stuff. Marie’s lack of movement is totally understood of course but they should try to somehow make it more interesting. I think the Warsaw new years eve show looked very good because of the stage and lighting. (watch it on youtube!). it looked much better than any show of the mini-tour. The night of the proms stage and screens at the back were also nice.

  12. Yeah, It would be great to see some moving parts of the stage as well. Like during NOFTP when Marie came out from the stage floor. It was good entrance. Maybe even some dancers…
    I remember Tina Turner show two years ago. That was really awesome and that’s something what Roxette should aim for.

  13. Hmmm.. I don’t know about dancers… 🙂 I can’t imagine Roxette performing with dancers on stage..

  14. Dancers not for all the time but it would be nice ilustration to some huge ballads for instance.

  15. I don’t understand some fans. It seems that they never can get enough. Some time ago, almost all of us made the idea we’d never hear some new record of Roxette, and not to mention of seeing performing live again. I don’t care if they play with a guitar in a subway station, while they play again and they give us the great gift of letting us see them perform live again.
    C’mon people… it’s time to enjoy the news, the party, the good things in life. Roxette doesn’t need any artifacts to distract us from the important stuff… their music. They didn’t do it when they were the megastars at the top of the pop-world, so I don’t think they gonna do it now.
    Dancers? Don’t make me laugh. Maybe watching too much Britney? Let’s Roxette do the most they know to do: play good music and make us happy with their awesome catalogue of songs

  16. I agree with tazmania. Oh my – I can’t imagine a band like Roxette having those silly dancers on stage like Madonna & Britney. The only reason why they have the dancers on stage is to distract the audience from realising that the stars on stage can not really perform live.
    No seriously people all we need is a nice back ground for the stage, excellent sound & lighting, a comfortable arena for the fans and of course the Roxette band. They still rock even if Marie does not perform like she used to! Those days are gone, accept it and appreciate Per & Marie for their musical contribution!

  17. It makes me sick hearing for all kind of criticism answer “we should be greatful they came after all happened with Marie”.
    That’s so obvious. I’m sure I’ll have a great time on their gig, I just look at it on much bigger scale than myself. I’m worried about their brand/reputation if they are greedy making the tour, as they did mini tour.
    For instance – 3 girls in choir woulbe very helpful for Marie – all the great singers have it and that’s nothing wrong with it.
    Speciall effects and dancers are just to distract people from the music – I don’t think that Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Genesis, Geroge Michael, Tina Turner or Celine Dion want people not to listen their music. They just care about the whole show and that I would like to get from Per and Marie. Not for myself – for the whole people who might visit their gig. The more succesful it will turn out, the bigger is hope, that it won’t be their last tour.

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