8 thoughts on “Roxette to perform in Uruguay?”

  1. It’s strange… after all there is only 2 months till the South American leg of this tour and they add a new concert? Hmmm, anyone knows anything more?

  2. Still under negotiation , most likly either Estadio Centenario (same venue they played back in ’92) or Velodromo (slightly smaller) !!!

  3. The date has not been added because it depends on the venue availability but most likely they will close the South American tour so mid April I think

  4. Well, here in Montevideo we are starting to freak out!!! Is it for real or just a rumor? please keep us informed.

  5. i dont understand why he is so hang to UK promotion? because those ppl are listening to other music that most european listent to. They -Roxette -never reached a good value into their-UK- tops

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