24 thoughts on “Rox medley on “Wetten, dass…?””

  1. WOOW… Roxette on TT again? Fantastic!

    And what can I say about this video? Marie looks so amazing and excited! I’m sure that this world tour will be awesome.

    I can’t wait for April 14! 😀

  2. Now if the video of SGNOBTR looked like this I would have loved it!! They both look much better & all the lights & effects offer a great visual! Compare it to the awful, boring white background of the official video I really wish they had done something more similar to this tv show!


    – Berlin sold out! (http://www.tickets-aktuell.de/roxette-tour-2011-erstes-konzert-ausverkau…)
    – Roxette on “Wetten, dass…?” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCXtwXv_4qs)
    – Charm School Charts: Amazon: #3 (Deluxe), #8 (Standard), #6 (mp3); iTunes: #2 (Bonus Version), #9 (Deluxe)
    – Airplay Charts SGNO: #20 (week 5)

    Keep voting for “She’s Got Nothing On” on German radio station SWR3!

    The future’s looking bright!

  4. Oh, that’s great, Roxette really owns the german iTunes chart.

    I think that video looked cool to. Maybe the next single will be a live video, like LTYH, that would be awesome.

  5. Per’s interview backstage on “Wetten, dass…?” (in English):

    “Wir sind es langsam angegangen.” – “We took it slowly.”

    Notice that, at 10:38, Per implies that the tour might be continued in 1212: “If we’re lucky I think the tour will go on next year as well. Because it’s a big world and there seem to be a lot of opportunities for Roxette. People seem to have missed us, which is fantastic.”

  6. I am soooo impressed. What a nice show & Roxette was awesome 🙂 Even if is was a playback (& I don’t like those). Would be fantastic if Roxette continued their world tour over 2 years like with CBB 94/95. There are just too many places that they need to play like Spain for instance with the huge fanbase. It’s all about timing contracts etc I guess. Welcome back Roxette, you rock!!!

  7. Lukas Hirscher wrote on Roxette Official that the TV show “Wetten, dass…?” was watched by 10.23 million viewers in Germany and 793.000 in Austria. Couldn’t find any Swiss figures

  8. Marie looks GORGEOUS!!!

    Great to know the figures for Germany as well – thanks for all the info guys 🙂

    • Is there anyone speaking German that could do a proper English translation for us please? The google translator translates into English but gets the context all wrong and screwed up! This sounds like a great interview where Per discuss the reasoning behind the songs!! If anyone has the time it would be great!! 🙂

    • Interesting to find out that Marie’s vocals for I am glad you called was recorded in a hotel during NOTP and that the rain sound was added to mask the sound of a lift outside the room.

  9. OMG..OMG..She looked great…so touching to she her like that.
    I love you Marie…and also Per of course :))

  10. @ honky tong: Marie is a god and an angel, I guess 🙂

    Marie looked so good on Wetten Dass!!

    If you compare her look to some years ago, she looks much younger now. Is it the light, the longer hair/different haircut and make up or what do you think, why she looks so young again?


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