“Charm school” elektronic press kit

EMI Music Sweden has published an 8 minute video on the Charm School album with interviews with Marie, Per, photos from the tour and fully loaded with new and exciting Roxette material – exclusively to Spotify.

To watch it, click here. Interviews are in Swedish with English subtitles.

10 thoughts on ““Charm school” elektronic press kit”

  1. I just watched that video and it brought tears to my eyes. It is so wonderfully produced and makes those that do not understand or know why Roxette disappeared for a short while understand. It seems without a doubt Per and Marie have an unbreakable bond.

  2. A very touching interview. After CBB, I thought Marie and Per relationship has became more professional, but it seemed they’re really great friends in real life, and when Marie said Per always believed in her, that he stood by her brought tear in my eyes.

  3. Wow! Professional clip. So nice to see the insight into this comeback. One can see Marie is still very much camera shy and it has to do with her self confidence, but I am happy to see she is starting to get the confidence back. This is truly two unique people that have created this element of magic that has touched so many different nations and people around the globe! I am hoping for a proper documentary & a complete bibliography from Roxette in the future 🙂

  4. Nice one, maybe it could be little longer, have more studio parts and have more album songs teasers included. But well, it’s really nice. Very professional.

  5. awesome epk! I love how Marie lights up when she talks about being on the road for a year. No question – she’s ready for sure 🙂

  6. What a beautiful video. Some wonderful and touching and interesting insights there. Love the chemistry between P&M. Although I got sick of having to read subtitles. But then again P&M are most comfortable speaking in Swedish, so I guess that’s what makes the interview so great.

    Oh and I loved all that behind the scenes footage. Like HEIDI and abysmo , I just wish there was more studio footage…..fingers crossed.

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