Which new song should Roxette add to the tour setlist?

We have heard that Roxette have rehearsed 6 new songs for the tour, but are still unsure about which ones should make it to the setlist. You can choose up to 3 songs below.

The poll will be closed on 21st February.

Update February 21st: the poll is now closed! Thanks for participating.

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36 thoughts on “Which new song should Roxette add to the tour setlist?”

  1. They won’t play “Big black cadillac” as Per himself said that “it’s a typical album track”.

  2. Well yes, but remember that for Marie it’s very hard to learn all those new lyrics by heart after brain tumour and that’s the reason why they cannot play so many songs…

    • That’s one reason. The main reason should be that it’s a hits tour and not a Charm school tour. They did not play the whole RS album 2001 either.

  3. I know I know, I will be fine with whatever they do actually 🙂 The summer tour was great, so adding a couple of new songs will just do it 😉

  4. My fovourite song for the tour is “Speak to me”, I also think, it would sound good live, but it’s just a suggestion.
    At the end they should play that one which is the best for Marie-regarding the lyrics and feeling comfortable while singing it.

  5. my top 3 is:

    1) Speak to me (the best track, by far)
    2) Dream on (great surprise here! well done Per!)
    3) SGNOBTR (obvious choice)

  6. Hi, to all of you stating you preferences in these comments, I hope you voted on the poll also, so that your votes count in the end… at least I think that it should be done this way, right?

    I would aklso like to know which were the songs rehearsed… In any case, it’s probable that many of them are the first ones of the album, since in Rox/Per recordings the album order usually implies some kind of “quality” order… in general, that is, not always.

  7. I talked to the guys from the band last weekend and asked which new songs they have rehearsed so far 😉

  8. I went the easy way and took the first 3 songs. 🙂

    Way Out
    No One Makes It On Her Own
    She’s Got Nothing On

  9. So many good songs, but only 3 can I post. Ok, I will do it:

    Way out
    No one makes it on her own
    Dream on

  10. Nobody mention ‘In my own way’!!! I think is the best ballad and they should play it!!
    ‘Big black Cadillac’ has many synths but they can make a live version just like 7twenty7 Please play them!!!!

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