Song-by-song “Charm school” interview with Per Gessle

An in-depth German interview that was published last week is finally available on website in English video version with German subtitles.

Part 1 – “Way out”, “No one makes it on her own”, “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”

Part 2 – “Speak to me”, “I’m glad you called”

Part 3 – “Only when I dream”, “Dream on”

Part 4 – “Big black cadillac”, “In my own way”, “After all”

Part 5 – “Happy on the outside”, “Sitting on top of the world”

And here’s the whole interview in one part:


12 thoughts on “Song-by-song “Charm school” interview with Per Gessle”

  1. Interesting details! 🙂

    And Per is so sweet tumbling on the word “vulnerability”, I guess it was a nightmare for him recording Vulnerable for Crash! Boom! Bang! 🙂

  2. Noooo, he speaks fine enough:)

    Very interesting interview indeed. So, the only song we know almost nothing about is “She’s got nothing on”, given that the questions were about radio stuff… What about the info from the press release the SGNO was written last autumn? Per doesn’t mention it among the newest tracks.

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