20 thoughts on “EMI Chile reveals the second single?”

  1. Yep, nice and logical choice. After SGNOBTR we need a single with Marie on lead and this song is probably the best ballad candidate of the album, single-wise. 🙂

    Let’s hope they release it with a beautiful and emational video…

  2. Marie can deliver really emotional videos – like You don’t understand me. Sadly there’s nothing to act on a lyric like SGNOBTR…

  3. My choice would have been Speak to me. And so far that seems to be what the majority of fans and critics alike would choose. The choice of No one makes it on her own actually surprises me.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that “Only When I Dream” is the best single-material on the album ? When Marie sings “Some might say it’s over now..” she sounds exactly like she did on “Queen Of Rain” which is so great! I hope it’s not too late for Per to change his mind..

  5. It didn’t surprised me cuz on the EPK they talk about that song, and Per talked on many interviews about that. Anyway I think is the best ballad of the album and probably one of the best songs of it. Speak to me is also one of me favorites but this time I think the single choice Ok! However even I don’t care about charts I don’t know much about the success it could have. Nowadays is really hard to see a ballad on a top 40 chart.

  6. I doubt this would be the single – Per said they hadn’t decided yet and on Facebook almost all votes include Speak to me, apart from some uptempo songs.

  7. it’s funny, i think i’m one of the only fans who is not that taken with “Only When i Dream”

    I also would have preferred “Speak To Me” but I won’t be suprised if NOMIOHO is chosen…Per has referred to it in interviews and on websites from before the album was even released

  8. A good pick, if true! A Marie ballad is what Roxette is famous for – and this shows the other side of the album’s spectrum after ‘Radio’.

    I’d love to see a ‘on location’ video for this, no studio shooting. Maybe Marie all alone in a desert, with Per and the band joining in at the end.

  9. I like the song, but surprised to see it as the second single. I would have thought:

    1. She’s Got Nothing On
    2. Speak To Me
    3. Way Out
    4. Only When I Dream or Dream On
    5. No One Makes It On Her Own

  10. Roy :

    Am I the only one who thinks that “Only When I Dream” is the best single-material on the album ?

    No it is one of my faves…

    I think this is a good choice for a second choice… I think a little video like the ‘Run to You’ video would suit this, a collection of past little clips of Roxette to show how far they have come as a band and of course focussing on Marie… the ballad is so powerful… I really hope they do not spoil the video by adding ‘other people’ like in the last video!

    • Regardless of what song they choose for the next single, they should definitely bring Jonas for directing the next video. Marie looked so stunning in the Wetten Dass performance, I can’t believe how far from that they made her look in the SGNO video…

  11. After all the votes and the ppl on youtube and everybody the best choise would have been Speak to me. I don;t know if it’s their choise or the Emi’s choice?

  12. Speak To Me should be 2nd single. True power roxettish ballad, best song on the album, everybody’s favourite, most hitable choice. Hope it will be at least 3rd single. It could charted very well, it’s their strongest song since Wish I Could Fly.

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