Roxette interview in Nyhetsmorgon tomorrow

TV4 posted a short teaser of the forthcoming interview with Roxette that will be broadcasted on Nyhetsmorgon tomorrow, February 19th.

Watch this teaser here. Per and Marie talk about the songs they choose to play for the audience before they go on stage.

Update February 19th: Here is the full interview from Nyhetsmorgon today!

10 thoughts on “Roxette interview in Nyhetsmorgon tomorrow”

  1. Any chance of us seeing this interview once it is broadcast? Is it in Swedish only? Sorry can’t view the teaser 🙁

  2. Thanx for sharing, maybe someone could sum up the big points of this interview? It’s a pity I hardly can’t understand most of it… 😉

  3. Well, there are 3 things that are new – footage from NOMIOHO rehearsal, info that Marie and Micke write new Swedish songs together and that Marie, Per and their families were on holidays together for the very first time ever this January. By the way – it seems like Roxette own right to New Year’s Show as they uploaded it on You Tube and even TV4 showed some parts of it.

    • I think that Marie & Mikael make good music together as well. Family affair is acually a very nice album. Tracks like Hometown, In the corner of your eye, & Tell it to my heart where Marie are on lead vocals are really nice! I even listen to the tracks where Mikael is on lead vocals like Me and my guitar, Your’e on my mind, Merry go Round. Obviously with Marie’s influence they made a decent album with a blues/gospel feel. There are a few tracks on The Change that are also very nice like All you gotto do is feel, April snow, love to live, Many times, All about you, The good life & bad moon. So I can understand that it could be great fun doing something creative like this with her husband at her home studio! And I guess it gives them perspective away from Roxette as well. Hopefully Per & Marie won’t wait too long to do a follow up to Charm School for the ultimate Roxette fans!

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