Interview with Roxette on Swedish radio today

Lotta Bromé has interviewed Roxette for her radio programme P4 Extra med Lotta Bromé. The interview will be aired (not live) today at 13:25 on SR – P4 channel.

You can already listen to a short part of it on the website. In this short teaser, Marie explains doctors gave her only half a year but that deep inside she knew she would make it. “But it has been a tough fight,” she says.

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  1. I tried to google translate some of the interview but the context changes slightly. Hopefully Swedish fans could give us a better complete translation… 🙂

    Exclusive interview with Roxette P4 Extra
    The interview in P4 Extra is Roxette’s only radio interview before the world tour.
    It was a happy, relaxed and not least experienced duo who visited Lotte Bromé in the studio to record the interview.
    Roxette’s world tour – no comeback without a miracle
    But there have been moments when the duo had not dared look equally bright future. When Marie was ill with cancer were plans for a future reunion far away.
    “I never thought I would tour again,” says Marie Fredriksson in the interview with Lotta Bromé.
    It was only during Per Gessle’s European tour at a concert in Amsterdam in 2009 as the group dared to hope for a reunion reveals the P4 Extra.
    Per Gessle saw it in Marie’s eyes
    Marie came up on stage and we did “The Look” and “It Must Have Been Love” together. The response was Marie, I have never seen, and then I saw in Marie’s eyes that this is where she belongs “says Per Gessle.
    -From the seconds so maybe it will be a miracle, I thought, “continues Per Gessle.
    Marie knew within himself that she would conquer cancer
    Today, Marie Fredriksson free from cancer. In the interview with Lotta Bromé Marie reveals that she never doubted that she would conquer the cancer.
    -Although the doctors said I only had six months left to live, I knew within myself that I would fix it, “says Marie.
    Gessle’s fear of being mistaken Marie
    Per Gessle admits that there were times when he was afraid of losing Marie.
    -There are forces that can kill the strongest man he says in the interview.
    Per and Marie describes the new world tour as a classic Roxetteturné.
    “We want to give the audience a classic Roxetteplatta, something that could be a sequel to” Look Sharp “or” Joyride “reveals Per Gessle.
    Marie and Per want to develop their own sound
    -Some critics think of course that it is a little otter, but we’ve been away so long as we want to exploit our own sound and develop it continues Per Gessle.

  2. It seems like Roxette will play most of the songs they did on 2010 mini-tour. It’s according to Roxette interview on Swedish Radio.

  3. And they will probably start the concert with “way out” – at least this is Per’s pick for today.

  4. Any chance that someone could translate this interview for the fans? Would have loved to if I could speak Swedish! I like the positive energy in Marie’s voice 🙂
    Would really like to know what they were talking about!

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