Taiwanese releases – different cover of “Charm School”

According to our reader Yu Ho from Taiwan, Asian edition of “Charm School” is released today. Below you can see a poster that promotes the album as well as the cover which differs from the one we know from the international version.

Source: Gold Typhoon Records

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  1. @RoxetteCafe: The left side of the pic doesn’t look like a removable OBI stripe. My copy is still on the way, so I can’t confirm yet.

  2. I saw the CDs in a store, the left side is really a removable OBI stripe and the strip covers all the back of the CD sleeve.
    Besides, the background color of “ROXETTE CHARM SCHOOL” is different from other version.

  3. @RoxetteCafe
    The link you post is a short version, the MV played on MTV is the complete version. I have a file recorded from MTV but the qulity is not good. 😛
    And you are right about the single and the album title translation, they are the same. Neither the single nor the album title is translated directly into Chinese.

  4. CS is on some record stores’ western music selling charts this week!
    It’s a pity that there’s no official charts in Taiwan.

    Chia Chia Record – No 15 (2011/02/22 ~ 2011/02/28)

    G-Music – No 13 (2011/02/25 – 2011/03/03)

    Five Music – No 9 (2011/2/25 – 2011/3/3)

    Books.com.tw – No 7 (2011/02/25 – 2011/03/03)
    (choose ???? -> 2011/9 ????)
    Books is the largest online store that sells music cds here.

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