New Roxette photo session

Caroline Roosmark, Swedish photographer who stood behind the camera during Per Gessle’s Mozart session and the one that was used for “En händig man” and “Party Crasher Tour” promotion, took some new photos for Roxette. EMI Music Germany has published 4 high quality photos of her on their website for promotion’s sake today.

You can see previews here and links to high quality version in the comment section.

22 thoughts on “New Roxette photo session”

  1. I like those! 😀

    Raelian, EVERY commercial photo runs through Photoshop these days. If Roxette wouldn’t do this, they’d look strange compared to other pop stars. I think the PS artist found a good balance between gloss and realism. A good portion of wrinkles and spots were left.

    Just compare what others do: 😉

    • sorry but I find it horrible. It is SO damn obvious that it’s PS.. in some parts it even looks blurred. I’m fine with some PS effects, but pls, at least do it right…

      Must say though I find the examples you posted even worse :O :O :O wtf!!!

  2. This is so cool – thanks for sharing. Yeah I think this is a well done shoot. Everyone age, it is inevitable…however Marie has a radiance that she projects that is happiness after all the dark days she has gone through. Per you can also see is happy and it shows. To me they look great for 50’s something superstars!!! Marie was still very hot in her mid 40’s so it is not surprising and Per only looks hot to me now!

  3. It’s ok, we know it has photoshop, but compared to the ones Sascha posted, they haven’t change their faces so much…God, jus take a look at Madonna!

    • Look this is not the best ever Roxette pics, but I like all of them except the one where Marie wears the white jacket and Per the black one – their faces do not look normal – too small, but I love the sparkle in Marie’s eyes – wow!

  4. Seems we have all met Per and Marie too often that we know all their wrinkles personally… ;))) Well..that’s the’re not allowed to get older.
    Where can I buy some photoshop glasses…so that everyone around me looks that yummie???
    Thanks for the links!!!!!

  5. C’mon guys!! These photos doesn’t look like they’ve been thru Photoshop!! If you use make-up right and get the lighting right, anybody can look younger.

    They look natural and VERY classy to me…Marie looks like this rich businesswoman. She looks so vibrant! I like her hair a bit longer – makes her looks softer and VERY much younger.

    • Make-up and lightning? Come on, there’s no way to hide the truth. All these new photos have been retouched. I don’t understand why they needed this, when other official photos (or photos that were used in press releases or other kinds of official material) were not Photoshoped at all. Like this one:

      The contrast couldn’t be more obvious. Just look at Per/Marie forehead and the area surrounding their eyes.

  6. Can anybody help me….I copy the URL’s to the other pics, but when I search them, I get an error message.
    How do I do this, or is someone willing to make links like the 4 new photos like Tomo85 did??

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