World Tour 2011: Kazan, Russia – February 28 #01

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KAZAN, RUSSIA 28-2-2011


01 -Dressed For Success
02 – Sleeping In My Car
03 – Opportunity Nox
04 – The Big L.
05 – Wish I Could Fly
06 – Only When I Dream
07 – She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
08 – Perfect Day
09 – Things Will Never Be The Same
10 – It Must Have Been Love
11 – 7Twenty7
12 – Fading Like A Flower
13 – Silver Blue
14 – How Do You Do!
15 – Dangerous

Band presentation (with Kalinka Malinka)
16 – Joyride

First Encore (first extras)
17 – Watercolours In The Rain
18 – Spending My Time
19 – The Look

Second Encore (more extras)
20 – Way Out
21 – Listen To Your Heart
22 – Church Of Your Heart


Tatar Inform | Kazan KP | InKazan

Concert videos

IMHBL (bit) | Bits of the first 3 songs | The Look | Listen To Your Heart | It Must Have Been Love (full)

YouTube user olga2709k has uploaded parts of the concert on her account.  So far: Part 1 (Dressed for Success, Sleeping In My Car, Opportunity Nox) |Part 2 (The Big L, WICF, Only When I Dream) | Part 3 (She’s Got Nothing On, Perfect Day,  Things Will Never Be The Same) | Part 4 (It Must Have Been Love, 727) | Part 5 (Fading Like A Flower, Silver Blue) | Part 6 (How Do You Do!, Dangerous, Joyride) | Part 7 (The Look). Thank you!

You can find videos about Roxette’s arrival in Kazan in our previous article.


Kazan KP | Expressen about tour start

Expressen backstage: Marie saying she was really nervous that is why she forgot the lyrics for LTYH and Per saying that Roxette wants to play in North America and Australia.

Aftonbladet: “It’s a tour without an end” + “We want to go to Australia, we really want to play in Canada or in USA or in any other places. There are some plans.” + “We will add one song to the setlist on each continent” + “It’s the world’s best rehab for Marie”

SVT Interview with Per: Roxette rehearsed around 40 songs and will play 23, 24 each evening. They want to differ the playlist as they know that some songs are much more popular in specific countries.


Expressen 3/5: “Here starts Roxette’s success tour”

Aftonbladet 3/5: “Marie Fredriksson sings better and better. It is a return of no one thought was possible, and she takes advantage of the slow songs, as an excellent ‘Spending My Time’.”


Marie wore the official T-shirt of Kazan hockey club Ak Bars in the second encore.

The background picture was changed from Joyride one to Charm school artwork.
Does anyone know when it happens on the concert?

7,000 people attended the show.

Helena Josefsson (backing vocals) tried to save a squirrel who is captured in a small cage in the hotel reception. You can follow her comments and actions on her Facebook page.

80 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Kazan, Russia – February 28 #01”

  1. @Flo: thks for posting it.
    And for those “so called unsatisfied fans” and those complaining about Marie’s forgetting some lyrics parts, I hope if you have what it called “brain” you would think logically. After what Marie has gone through is it possible that you still wish something like CBB era or RS era? And people does age! I’d say you aren’t the same from 10 years back either, what more if you’ve gone through all this cancer hell?
    I think we should really appreciate that she’s trying her best now and give her support and love.
    She sound fab in WICF in Samara, I’m very proud of her. And I think there was really an audio problem in the 1st tour…

    • They wrote: “The soloist of Roxette Per Gessle performed wearing an embroidered skull-cap” 🙂

  2. @Olemoon ; Thanx so much for the link, it made me cry, this version is awesome far better from join the joyride one

  3. Would really love to agree, but Watercolours from Joyride is simply classic Marie Fredriksson!! I doubt if she could ever have a repeat of that performance of this particular song(and I am so sad about that).
    I would however like to see Marie perform this at one of the other concerts as at the 1st concert she was WAY TOO NERVOUS on all the songs. The powerful voice of Marie needs to come out – she still has it!
    AND in my opinion they need to incorporate a bit of variation on stage. With the slow numbers, bring in chairs and perform on chairs with just the spotlight on them – we don’t need to see the whole band in the background…just Marie singing and Per playing the acoustic guitar. Looking forward to the video snippets of the other concerts – keep ’em coming please (and the great pics!)

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