Roxette to perform at Klitschko fight

After the show in Tallinn on March 18th, Roxette will travel to Germany again to perform at Vitali Klitschko’s boxing fight against Odlanier Solis. The fight takes place in Lanxess-Arena in Cologne on March 19th. Roxette will perform their latest single “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”. German TV station RTL will start the broadcast at 22.15 pm, the fight starts at 22.45 pm.

Tickets for the fight are still available via ticket website Eventim.
Source: EMI Germany

Thanks to Daniel Kühn for posting.

13 thoughts on “Roxette to perform at Klitschko fight”

  1. Wow, so much promo in Germany! Also The Look in another Chartshow in April. Will this boxing fight (and pre-show) broadcasted in other countries as well?

  2. Great news! 🙂 But I wonder if they are going to spend the night after the show in Tallinn or are they leaving directly to Germany?

  3. LOL and Per copied the article to post it on his Facebook face. Should I complain as I do when I see websites copying stuff from ours? 😀

  4. LOL since fans copy his music and make own videos of it to YouTube he takes back and copies pr material from fans. ;D

    p.s thank you for this blog, it’s great!

  5. I am sorry… I didn’t get it… if the fight starts at 10:45 PM what is going to happen from 8:00PM (the beginning according to Eventim) till this time? I’ve never been to such events… so I am curious…

  6. No clue, maybe “support” fighters? At least he last half our will be show, interviews and stuff.

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