World Tour 2011: Ekaterinburg, Russia – March 5 #03

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Ekaterinburg, Russia 05-03-2011



Video by Smabarn: Joyride

Videos by Nedsend11 (all about 1 min long): Perfect Day | Things Will Never Be The Same | She’s Got Nothing On | Wish I Could Fly

Videos by PankinE: Dressed For Success | Sleeping in My Car | Wish I Could Fly | It Must Have Been Love | Spending My Time | How Do You Do!/Dangerous | Listen To Your Heart

Video by Alex Kibkalo / TDR: Church Of Your Heart

Videos by Lora 515: Sleeping In My Car | Spending My Time | The Look

Videos by Tatti31: Things Will Never Be The Same | Perfect Day | Wish I Could Fly

34 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Ekaterinburg, Russia – March 5 #03”

  1. Same Setlist like the last.

    Oh, i’m a bit sad. Hoped they would put Watercolours & Silver Blue back to the Setlist. 

    Let’s See if it gets true that they ‘ll lager the List later this Tour!

  2. hey all, i’m from Ukraine and will go to the Kyiv show on thursday… thanks a lot for this blog, makes it easy to follow the tour! i hope they won’t be leaving the setlist without Silver Blue anymore, it’s such a meditatively awesome song, especially the live version

    • Funny, the site transforms the cyrillic letters into “????”
      Well, it’s a link which contains 3 words in the 5th row of the table under the photo.

      Marie looks sexy wearing this top :O

  3. Marie sounds very strong in those short videos!! It seems she’s getting her confidence!! Whoo!!

  4. It’s incredible how much better she moves around in these shows 2 and 3 compared to the 1st one (when her voice was best, I think).

    Good pictures, I can’t wait to see Chris’s solo of which one of the pictures is taken. 🙂

  5. & also her movement is so much better too! You can tell when she is clapping she is less awkward. So great to see : )

  6. Yes, Marie is getting much much better. Really love how she sings Perfect Day even though I’ve seen just 1 minute of the song. I hope that the setlist is gonna be increased slowly.

  7. Oh my God!! It is only concert 3 and Marie is kicking ass already!!!!! I am sooooo impressed !!!!!!
    She looks so sexy with that leather pants on!!
    No I want a my own 2011 Roxette HD concert dvd!!!!!

    • Per gets the lyrics wrong here or? 😉
      with the hands and magazine
      Lol and when he sings it the 2nd time he sings it very carefully “now” 😀

  8. I believe The sound quality in the short (about one minute) video is the real Marie sounded in the concert. I think Marie’s voice sounded like she was young and really really strong… Wow..
    I’m so sorry to say that I can’t trust the other video, bad sound quality 🙁
    but anyway thanks for the effort..:-))

  9. I really love the middle eight of SIMC! Helena does a great job there with Marie! Ending of SMT is also great. Actually I think Helena sang the second verse of SMT as Marie got a bit lost but I think in some ways it’s a good thing it helps Marie to find her way again & probably covers up the forgetting lyric problem a bit better. I think they are blending together better than I thought actually. Overall Helena is doing a good job i think we may have been unnecessarily hard on her.

  10. I’m so glad about the songs they took from Joyride; The big L., Spending my time and TWNBTS; the best ones and Marie is really kicking ass live in those songs! Can’t wait for the concert!

  11. WOW Marie was amazing in PD & TWNBTS!! It’s amazing what a little confidence will do 🙂

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