Roxette gets an A on BBC’s Radio 2!

UK Roxette fans have good news this week. Roxette’s single ‘She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)’ has made it to the exclusive A-List on BBC’s Radio 2 which is absolutely fantastic news since Radio 2 is perhaps one of the biggest national radio stations in the country.

According to the BBC Radio 2 website the Playlist Committee, is made up of producers and chaired by Jeff Smith, Head of Music Radio 2. They meet each week to decide which new releases will be added to the station’s playlist.

The playlist contains about 30 tracks which are then divided into three different levels the A list, which receive the most plays, about 20 each week, the B list which gets around 10 plays and the C list which receives around 5 plays.

Per tweeted his happiness this morning:

‘She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) has been A-listed on BBC Radio 2 playlist in UK” – We like that!!!’

Yes Per so do we…

8 thoughts on “Roxette gets an A on BBC’s Radio 2!”

  1. I’m very glad they’ve A-listed it as I quite like Radio2. However it doesn’t mean the song will be a UK hit unless something else is done to promote it. Sharon Corr’s “It’s Not A Dream” was A-listed for a couple of weeks yet stalled at #167 in the UK. Likewise with Sheryl Crow and “Summer Day” which only managed #149

    Still, nice to see the band acknowledged and, if nothing else, it will alert people to Roxette’s return and hopefully drive album sales in a couple of weeks! Maybe some Radio1 shows will give it a few spins!

  2. That’s amazing news! Very surprising actually!! Though to put it into perspective, although Radio 2 has a massive audience I think a vast chunk of them don’t buy much music. It might help the album though and if nothing else give them some exposure in the UK, and hopefully it will filter down to local stations as well. Radio 1 won’t touch them with a bargepole

  3. I really doubt it! I don’t think I’ve heard Roxette mentioned or played on radio 1 since 1999, apart from being slagged off. Whoever wrote that probably meant radio 2. Radio 1 are extremely snobby with their playlist

  4. Maybe some special show out of the regular playlist? Too bad you can’t really search for specific comments on Facebook (AFAIK).

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