World Tour 2011: Novosibirsk, Russia – March 7 #04

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Novosibirsk, Russia 07-03-2011


Same as in Ekaterinburg but “Way Out” was replaced by “Watercolours In The Rain”. Still no “Silver Blue”.


By Boldyrefff: How Do You Do! | Joyride

By TheDmitriy1983: It Must Have Been Love

By Nevardaed: Wish I Could Fly | Joyride

By TheYesterdayDreams: Listen To Your Heart

By MsRadioCat – short videos for : Spending My Time | The Big L | Dangerous | Things Will Never Be The Same

By Frogskinnsk: Spending My Time (longer)


In one of the videos posted by Per Gessle we can see Christoffer Lundquist reading the lyrics of Stars. Will the song be played later on?

This song was already performed live during the Room Service tour in 2001 in a very nice and different version than the one in the album. Here taken from the showcase in Barcelona.

26 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Novosibirsk, Russia – March 7 #04”

  1. nooooo the people are seated again 🙁
    Those 5 fans in front are brilliant!!! Did I see security warn them during above clips??

    Roxette is SMOKIN’ HOT 🙂

  2. Hey! I’ve just watched a video where Per says they were gona play Stars that night…Then he said “maybe”..Clarence was reading the lyrics. I wonder if they actually played that song on this last show in Russia…

  3. No “Stars”, thank God.

    And “Watercolours in the Rain” is back, thank God again! 😀 😀 😀

    1. Dressed For Success
    2. Sleeping In My Car
    3. The Big L.
    4. Wish I Could Fly
    5. Only When I Dream
    6. She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
    7. Perfect Day
    8. Things Will Never Be the Same
    9. It Must Have Been Love
    10. Opportunity Nox
    11. 7Twenty7
    12. Fading Like A Flower
    13. How Do You Do!
    14. Dangerous
    Band presentation (performing Kalinka malinka)
    15. Joyride

    First Encore (Extras)

    16. Watercolours in the Rain
    17. Spending My Time
    18. The Look

    Second Encore (Extra extras)

    19. Listen To Your Heart
    20. Church Of Your Heart

  4. Oh, such a beautiful version of Stars. A pearl indeed! Thank you so so so much for posting it here. 🙂

    • Exactly, that was the reason I was confused a little bit. If they do THIS version of “Stars” I’m for, if this kitchy – I’m against. Anyway – I don’t really like the way they handle PoP, HAND and RS albums – there should be at least one song from each…

  5. I don’t think they are looking for an additional ballad here. They have stronger ones waiting to get played. If Stars, it will be a fast version.

  6. I would anyway add Crush On You or any of the winner songs before adding Stars.
    I suppose POP is excluded becase nobody in those countries knows it. But we have 7twenty7 at least..

  7. I thought the slow version of “Stars” WAS played on the first few shows of the actual 2001 tour…before they added “Real Sugar”…and that they switched to the fast version after a couple of times.

    I seem to remember this from bootlegs but my memory could be mistaken (and I don’t have access to my discs with the RS Live concerts at present…)

    I also remember before the internet that I though I was one of very few Roxette nerds out there…except maybe in Sweden.


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