Premiere of documentary film featuring Helena Josefsson

Helena Josefsson (currently on tour with Roxette, backing vocals) is taking a break in the tour and won’t be in the next two concerts (Ukraine and Belarus). The reason for that is that she is attending the premiere of a documentary film about Dolly Parton she is in.

The documentary, directed by Jessica Nettelbladts, is called “Jag är min egen Dolly Parton”, which Helena co-starrs with Nina Persson, Cecilia Nordlund and Lotta Wenglén, as well as music producer Gudrun Hauksdottir. The film is about the friendship and dreams of these five women, about women being in the middle of a career and longing for cihldren. And, of course, about Dolly Parton as a role model.

The “VIP” film premiere took place yesterday in Stockholm. The official premiere is on March 11th in Folketsbio cinemas in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and many other cities across Sweden.

Our reader Erik Johansson attended the premiere yesterday and comments “the film is in Swedish with no subtitles, so a lot of you will not understand that much, but there is really a lot of feelings going on.. and there were many times when tears came through”. He absolutely recommends the film.

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Jag är min egen Dolly Parton from Folkets Bio on Vimeo.

Update March 12th: The four ladies performed one of the songs from the documentary live at SVT’s Skavlan yesterday. You can see the performance here.

13 thoughts on “Premiere of documentary film featuring Helena Josefsson”

  1. No offence, but WHY is everybody suddenly reporting on Helena. The “Daily Roxette” also has an article on her. If I wanted to read about her boring career, I’d go to her webpage. Let’s stick to ROXETTE!!!!!!!!!

  2. I understand that you don’t want to read stories about Helena, she doesn’t interest me very much either. But other fans might be interested in the band members solo activities. So if already the headline contains her name, why bother reading that article?

  3. various things 🙂

    – Our motto has always been to report about everything related to Roxette, this includes all band members, I think we can say she is one. It’s not the first article about her, we’ve reported about her new album and other things. I would even write an article about Malin if there was anything to tell about her.

    – The site is not just about Roxette, we like to keep our mind open and report about anything (more or less) rox-related which might be of interest to the wide range of users/readers we have. Many greet the fact that we report about other things too 🙂

    – I am not her biggest fan either, at least music-wise, but as long as I know she is of interest for other fans, why not. (OK, I have to confess, I am more interested about her since the thing with the squirrel 😉 I however still don’t like her music/voice.

    – It’s not that we report about her every day 😉 That’s the job of her own site or any fansite she might have. Or her FB page.

    – And the TDR is a coincidence indeed (and we’ll probably write an article about that TV show later on ;))

    As Sascha says, and no offence here, if not interested, then skip it. I don’t read all articles on the sites I visit regularly, I am mostly interested in technology, music, animal rights and some social/political stuff, so I skip everything else, don’t even bother clicking on the headline if an article is for example about bullfighting or ballet.

  4. I like to read about Helena and even I think she’s at her best as a backing vocalist (which as my opinion is not a job anybody could do), I’m also interested in other sides of her career. And I’m glad for her she’s got other projects as well since she’s so much younger than the old Rox Guys and The Queen of Stage.

    I think Helena’s soft female voice fits well with both Marie and Per since Marie has strong, clear female voice and Per’s voice is soft like Helena’s. I love P & H dueting in Party Crasher, they make the songs so soft. If Marie sang with him, it would sound totally different.

  5. What’s with all the Helena-haters on here?

    She’s such a phenomenally talented woman, stunningly beautiful and the sweetest human being you could ever hope to meet.

    Her music is a little avant-garde for the taste of many Roxette fans, but don’t knock it just because you don’t appreciate it.

    As Per’s long-time backing singer and now a member of Roxette’s touring band I think you moaning sad-sacks should suck it up!

    Helena rules!

  6. hej,calm down, nobody really bashed her. I think everyone has the option to like her music or not.
    I don’t know her personaly, but she indeed seems to be a nice person. The squirrel thing is very sweet and inspiring 🙂

  7. I think, it’s gets really boring to watch the eternal discussion and complaints about Helena; if she’s good or if she’s not or if she should be mentioned at all and in which context.
    She is a memeber of the Roxette-touring band (so of course there should be reports on her too) and also Per’s backing singer from the Party crasher album, where he discoverd her as a very talented person, which is true as I also think, so it’s not thoughtful of some of the fans to pick on her all the time as if she was a scapegoat or something 🙁
    What, if she comes across some of these thoughtless and unjustified comments, how might she feel then? Especially because she is a really good and talented singer with a very rare, soft voice that many are amazed of which is understandabe…
    I also wasn’t convinced about her as a backing vocalist for Roxette-Although I appreciated her talent, I wasn’t sure, if her voice might match together with Marie’s, but as soon as i listened to the first performance they did together, I changed my mind completely; its fascinating, how their all voices-so different on one side-harmonise so great and give the sound some magic, gentle touch. It’s still a matter of taste, but some people at least don’t even want to admit they’ve been wrong disliking her, just not to appear inconsistent..Or some don’t even give it a try and try to listen more carefully, maybe then they would change their minds..
    Sorry for my english

  8. Thanks for the info! like Helena’s voice and especially Sandy Mouche. I also thought she was a verty sweet and positive person when I met her at a meet & greet in 2009!

  9. Dolly Parton is maybe Helena’s role-model ,physical
    and musical.
    But nothing connected with that era can be called avant-garde in 2011.
    Dolly was a great artist -don’t understand me wrong , but it’s 2011.
    I think that some readers are afraid that such news and connections with that era may repel new young Roxette fans.
    That’s all.

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