World Tour 2011: Vilnius, Lithuania – March 14 #07

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Vilnius, Lithuania, March 14th


Photos and articles

Article about the concert on (Lithuanian) |  Interview with Per Gessle on | Pictures of Roxette arriving in Lithuania



By 200Katinu: Wish I Could Fly

By TheDimacheban: How Do You Do! until Joyride.

By Julemanas1234: Fading Like A Flower

By Onlypinkcolours: Joyride (bad quality)

By Senizzs: Dressed For Success

By Rengrb: It Must Have Been Love

By jcorrius: Dressed For Success, The Big L, It Must Have Been Love, Fading Like A Flower, How Do You Do! and Dangerous, Joyride, The Look, She’s Got Nothing On

10,000 people in the audiance – the second show with standing places in front of the stage.

Roxette rehearsed “Stars” in the sound check. Three times!

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  1. News from Lithuania:

    According to Google translator:

    “Not known in advance what time nor “Roxette” come, nor where staying. “This is one of the most mysterious visits. Although quite common that the musicians themselves, their managers, they know where to stay, “- a concert on the eve of” 15 minutes “, said the concert organizing agency Makroconcert” communication manager Aivars Gelžinis.

    According to A. Gelžinis on Monday arrived in Vilnius, “Roxette” will not remain in the capital of Lithuania, and will depart the same evening, immediately after the concert. “They would fly to Sweden, then come back to Riga, where the band concert in the March 16 th,” – on Monday afternoon, said A. Gelžinis. While staying in Lithuania for the first time a group member Mr Gessle before the telephone interview said that “Roxette” considering the look of Vilnius, it is clear that the team plans changed.

    Legendary poproko Swedish duo Roxette – 52-year-old singer M. Fredriksson and guitarist yearling, P. Gessle – Lithuania will present the latest album, “Charm School,” which promotes all of its concert tour. This – the first group tour in 15 years. Total “Roxette” team will consist of 35 members: 10 musicians and 25 technical staff. Brought with him a team of sound and light equipment. ”

    Sudden visit home. Interesting.

  2. Interview of Per in Lithuanian magazine:

    Some interesting details about the man himself (translation by Google):

    “- Do you have a fetish?

    – I have a large vinyl record collection. I started collecting when he was six. I consider them to his summer cottage. My son not understand what it is. 13 him, his generation of people stop buying records nearly …

    – What is your clothing is the most important?

    – Shoes.

    – How many of you have?

    – Too much. (Juokiasi.) I think the shoes are very important. Can wear whatever you want, but if you ?sispyr?s to “cool” shoes look and feel good.

    – How to take care of yourself?

    – Over the years, I do still better. Many sleep in and go for a walk several times a week I visit the gym. I learned to listen to your body and if he does not feel well, I try to do something for it to do. In most cases – just relax. It’s funny, but the ability to really relax for me is a big achievement. Now I am much more relaxed than what 20 years of age.

    – Do you live only in music?

    – I live in music, but in 1996 his hometown of Halmstad bought a hotel in Tylosand. It is quite large – 270 rooms, and quite popular. The hotel have a art gallery, which focuses on photography.

    – Do you picture yourself?

    – I love taking pictures, but have achieved a lot in this area I’m not. I prefer to look at the great photographers such as Helmut Newton (Helmut Newton), Pan Irving (Irving Penn) and other works. Photography for me is very interesting.

    – What do you eat breakfast today?

    – A few croutons and flakes with a banana. Drank coffee. I do not like a heavy meal, and breakfast saturated English breakfast – eggs with pork – do not eat. “

  3. According to comments in TDR there’s heavy metal version of SMT. Just can’t wait to see the videos!
    But maybe this audience just wanted to sing and dance and have fun, not take so much pictures or videos. 😮

  4. Roxette blog thanks for the links to the stunning concert pictures! Would never know where to start looking for these 🙂

  5. btw the whole show was recorded in HD by a friend of mine so it will be uploaded somewhere shortly (in a week or so… 🙂

  6. Did anybody have an full live video of “Watercolors in the rain ” ?? we have everytime ´the same songs as videos but not the rare ones- So please I´m sure to be not the only one who is interested in that beautyfull song

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