World Tour 2011: Riga, Latvia – March 16 #08

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Riga, Latvia, March 16th

Articles and photos

Concert: | |

We got these wonderful pictures from Oskars Kupše from Latvia. You can find the rest on his website Rock’n’, he told us that more pictures will be uploaded later today.

More photos by Oskars can be found here now.



By pnkrock3r: various snippets of the whole concert in one video

By J0ns71:  9 videos from It Must Have Been Love until the end of the show. Videos are from far away but the sound is fine. Fading Like A Flower, How Do You Do!/Dangerous, Joyride, Spending My Time, The Look, Way Out, Listen To Your Heart, Church Of Your Heart

By Saifermatt: Sleeping In My Car

By vkuvideos (including the end of Dressed For Success): Dressed For Success

By Evijz (bad sound quality):  Listen To Your Heart

By Cone007: Spending My Time


20 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Riga, Latvia – March 16 #08”

  1. I think Marie was struggling a bit in this show vocally, she was singing rather low & in falsetto at times rather than singing out… Although she sounded great in Lithuania!! Can’t have a great night every night i guess!!! : )

  2. maybe she’s got a cold…memories of Zurich 1991…

    but holy *&%$ she’s really dancing around in Sleeping In my Car! That sexy walk back to the centre at the end of the song is great to see..and her phrasing on the last “young” was carefree. She still seems like she’s loving being back on stage 🙂

    I have to admit watching the 2001 Stockholm concert you can tell her heart was not in it anymore the same as before – she’s got her spark back again <3

    oh and the head to toe black leather with the silver belt is HAWT! (yes I am a fan…) :-p

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