Additional show in Munich?

It’s not listed in the tour plan yet. But if you believe the newsletter, German ticket website Eventim sent out earlier today, there’s an additional show in Germany planned. This would be the first show of the autumn leg. The show in the Olympiahalle in Munich is listed for the 11th of October. The ticket sale starts tomorrow at 9 am.

Source: Eventim Newsletter

UPDATE, 18/03/: The ticket sale started one hour ago and Munich is not on the list anymore. So maybe it’s simply not confirmed yet or Eventim just got wrong information.

6 thoughts on “Additional show in Munich?”

    Munich is a must-go-to city (and not just coz I live ther *giggles*) … I mean if Per played a concert in Munich on his Party Crasher tour… then it’s only logic Roxette pay a visit as well *g*

  2. lol….I can imagine the reaction from some people that another show is announced in Germany!

  3. I honestly think that it’s too many shows in Germany, not because it’s Germany… but I still remember the empty halls in 2001 and I really hope they don’t want too much. Would have been better to spread the shows and maybe play more gigs in the Netherlands or two in the UK, one in Italy. 14 shows in Germany is ok when it comes to the latest CS chart success.. but how much of this success will be left in October? You see I am turning sceptical now..

  4. It’s the tour promoters who calculate the shows, not Roxette. I hope Live Nation and MLK got it right! 😉

  5. Well, when I see how ticket touts take advantage of the current hype (selling tickets no two hours after the start of the sales for almost twice the price), I think they will have to add more shows to enable people to see them at a kind of decent price. (70 Euros for a standing ticket are just ridiculous – if I wasn’t a fan, I wouldn’t pay that price.)

    I so hope these ticket touts won’t be able to sell their tickets…

    (It was astonishing – and sad – how entire blocks of seats were sold within two hours…)

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