World Tour 2011: Tallinn, Estonia – Concert cancelled!! New date: July 18th!!

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Tallinn, Estonia, March 18th


Interview with Per Gessle on Estonian TV EER (uploaded by Testuser0298)

Update March 18th – 13:45:

It seems the show has been cancelled. Marie suffers from laryngitis and can’t sing tonight.
BDG just confirmed the cancellation. The show has been rescheduled for July 18th. Your tix are still valid, of course.

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Update March 18th – 19:45:

We’ve been told Marie is just doing fine, it’s just that she cannot  speak (and let alone sing). The performance tomorrow in Köln at the boxing fight is not cancelled.

Here’s Per’s explanation on video:

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16 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Tallinn, Estonia – Concert cancelled!! New date: July 18th!!”

  1. <3 Per, <3 interesting questions, <3 estonian people who don't dubb their interviews but add the texts so it's possible to follow them without knowing the language. <3 this blog of course. <3 these weeks (months!) of continuing Rox festival (with some breaks of course).

  2. Oh, poor Marie. I hope she feels better soon. Though, I feel bad for the fans too, I hope the July 17th concert will be confirmed soon.

  3. Oh, too bad! Good that there’s a tour break now. I hope it’s just the throat/voice and she doesn’t feel bad in general, when she’s obligated to perform (playback?) at the box fight tomorrow.

  4. The fight is not in danger. 🙂 And their performance isn’t either. Sandra talked to the band 10 minutes ago, they will play in Cologne for sure. 🙂

  5. Oh, and I was just getting ready to go to concert… Very sad. Poor, poor Marie. I hope she recovers soon!

  6. oh, true, they are all there! bad for those who travelled there 🙁
    but of course, health is first, and one cannot expect Marie to perform when she is ill. We know she is no “doll” and she really tries to perform even if she is sick, so it must be “serios” for her to cancel.

  7. I have a question: if Marie was doing well, how they were going to be today in Koln, and in Estonia for the concert tonight?

  8. I am just happy that Marie is doing fine. I’ve had laringytis once and you really can’t speak. It is a throat infection and with the European weather like that it is not really surprising to me that they all got sick. Marie is using her voice a lot very soon. I’m sure she will be healthy in no time 🙂
    Off that topic The BBC review of Charm School is interesting! ha ha !

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