World Tour 2011: Vilnius Video Bootleg

Vilnius, March 14, 2011

01. Dressed for success
02. Sleeping in my car
03. The Big L.
04. Wish I could fly
05. Only when I dream
06. She’s got nothing on (But the radio)
07. Perfect day
08. Things will never be the same
09. It must mave meen love
10. Opportunity nox
11. 7twenty7
12. Fading like a flower (every time you leave)
13. How do you do!
14. Dangerous
15. Joyride (“Balnokim broliai žirgus” performed just before the song)

16. Watercolours in the rain
17. Spending my time
18. The look

19. Way out
20. Listen to your heart
21. Church of your heart?

The whole video recording of amazing Vilnius concert that took place on March 14th.



Recorded by Slawomir Sztul, Poland.

28 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Vilnius Video Bootleg”

  1. Hej, great, thanks!

    But before I start to download the whole package I would like to know if I need some special programm for “recording it on DVD”, like “tomos85” said – I am using a Mac, so I don’t have any special DVD-recording-programs.

    I simply can burn stuff on DVD. Is that enough?

  2. Well, I use Nero 7 Essential on my computer. You should only have a programme that will allow you to record a DVD with video files on – just to make it work just after putting DVD into DVD-rom.

  3. just to clarify, this bootleg is not done by us but a fan – name mentioned in the article above 🙂 So thanks to him for sharing!!!

  4. Thanks you! I could download some files but I can’t download parts 6 and 7, get me this message: “the file you are trying to access is dsiponible temporarily.” “Please try again later”. Can this be?

  5. it’s a great satisfaction for me to share this bootleg with all fans. I want to prepare HD material frorm this concert in the nearest future. Greetings.

    • Thank you very much for sharing; Yesterday, I enjoyed watching the show on my big TV screen and it was like standing in the crowd 😉

  6. Thanks so much to Slawomir! This makes me look forward even more to Neckarsulm and Stuttgart. Amazing atmosphere caught on video!!! Yeehaa!

  7. Hey guys – I need some help!! Me and a few friends of mine are struggling to download the concert… Can anybody maybe try and upload it some place else? Maybe sendspace?? Would LOVE to see this!! Thanx!

  8. The audio file also doesn’t want to unzip
    Is there something wrong with it….or is it my PC?

  9. You have to download all the parts in order the file to work. And a hint for the ones who don`t know yet: make a free account on “megaupload” (it takes few seconds) so you`ll have a better download speed than a regular download without signing in. At least for me worked way better.

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