Christoffer Lundquist’s first single “On Air” is out

Published March 25th, updated March 28th

“On Air” is the first single out of Christoffer Lundquist’s first solo album “Through The Window” (release date: May 4th) and can be already bought online on a Finnish website (store not known to us..).

The single has already been played on Sverigesradio a few times since 3rd of March. You can listen to it SR P4 archive – starting at minute 13!

If you have Spotify and are in Sweden, check it out here!

The album is already listed on CDON, Ginza and Amazon as far as we could see.

Fabulous song!

Update March 28th: Here are some promo pictures of Christoffer and the album cover in better quality!

5 thoughts on “Christoffer Lundquist’s first single “On Air” is out”

  1. Great! you can also listen it on Spotify. longing for the 60’s…uhm, hope to get some promo posters with my single tomorrow, like with charm school…uhhhhmmmmmm!

  2. I’m really happy that finally Christoffer is going to have the record on the shelves. I’m definitely going to buy his album because his music is really special for me, i listened “on air” on P3 and it sounds fresh and pleasant, with good vibes and feelings. For my point of view is really admirable that he doesn’t sound like before, no brainpool or Major or minor songs reminiscences in the song so It is a good start. Sounds like a summer song to be listened in the car.

  3. Just bought the single from (Kinda surprised I was able to buy from the US; usually locked out from that kind of thing…hehe)

    The purchase went well. I’ve obviously never used the service before, so I can’t quite vouch for it in general, but this purchase went very smoothly.

    Anyway, great song…cannot wait for the entire album.

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