Tickets for inner circle available for Roxette’s concert in Denmark

As you know, there are no tickets on sale for the concert of Roxette in Tivoli, Copenhagen (Denmark) on July 22nd. All you need to attend the concert is to buy a ticket to enter the amusement park that very same day.

However, Tivoli has now released tickets for “inner circle” which can be purchased in advance and give you the chance to see the concert from the first rows. According to Tivoli’s website, the Fredagsrock inner cirle is an exclusive area in front of the stage where you can see the performing artists very close. This inner circle is available for 3 concerts: Aqua, Roxette and Nik & Jay.

The good news are: the ticket costs only 125 DKK (or 100 DKK if you have a Tivoli season card) and can be bought online. You will get the ticket including a barcode per email, which you’ll have to print out on A4 and bring to the inner circle to be let in. After the barcode is read, you’ll get a special wristband so can go in and out of this circle. This circle will open at 19:00 (concert starts at 22:00).

Please note: You need a ticket to enter Tivoli as well, which costs 95 DKK (note that you need a ticket for July-September!!) or the season pass.

Sales started on March 21st.

Marilyn Driessen contributed to this article.

13 thoughts on “Tickets for inner circle available for Roxette’s concert in Denmark”

  1. Just made a conversion, to realise I paid almost 600 Danish crowns for the ticket to the Uruguayan gig. Europeans don’t really have a reason to complain…

  2. Compared to prices we used to pay for concerts or other artists, in some cases, we have a reason to complain 😉
    But this in Tivoli is rather cheap, 75 DKK for the entrance + 150 DKK for inner circle.. :O

  3. I’ve just ordered the tix. It’s 220,-DKK in total (95,-DKK for the Entré in the summerseason and 125,-DKK for the inner circle ticket)

  4. Wow.. Thanks RoxBlog for this great advice!!!! Just bough my tix!! I love tickets-per-e-mail-services. Would be great if Ticnet finally would do that again too!!!

  5. Have the tickets got seat numbers, or is it just first come first serve into the ‘inner circle’ and anyone know how many rows / seats there are…

  6. I guess the inner circle has some more rows. I’ve seen that on many concerts in Sweden that they divide the place in three areas. But you didn’t have to buy tix for them unti now. These inner circle tix just allow you to enter the area close to the stage. There you have to fight for the first row of course.

  7. no, I don’t think it’s seated. There are no rows or anything on the ticket.
    A Danish friend told me that the area in front of the stage is rather small… so I hope it’s cosy and we have have a rox party there 😀

  8. @Judith: Hmmm, am I missunderstanding things here? I thought the ticket for 75,-DKK would be for the period from 14.4.-30.6. and the one for 95,-DKK for the mainseason 1.7.-25.9.? And since the concert is in July, shouldn’t we buy the 95,-DKK-ticket then?

  9. @Floppy I guess who bought the ticket for 75 DKK had some misunderstandig as we all have to buy ticket valid between the date 1 July – 25 September which costs 95 DKK
    (and for those who will arrive after 8 p.m the ticket costs 125 DKK as the concert will be on Friday!!)

    Please correct the information in the article as it can be misleading as maybe some fans won’t notice that from July a different price is applied

    Correct me if I’m wrong about the valid price…

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