Next single is… “Speak to me”

On his Facebook account, Björn Engelmann (Cutting Room Studios) revealed that “Speak to me” will be the next single off Charm School. At this very moment Engelmann is mastering the second single for its release. Release date is not known yet.











Note: This info has not been confirmed by the Roxette management yet.

27 thoughts on “Next single is… “Speak to me””

  1. I hope we can get a b-side not previously released before. I wonder if this single will get a video, due the fact that Roxette is about to start the latin leg of the tour in a few days, unless they mix different home vids like they did with RTY

  2. Speak To Me is great epic song, so I hope for some artistic video like Queen Of Rain or black&white concept You Don’t Understand Me. What’s doing Anton Corbijn these days? 😉

      • I think Salvation is very interesting video. The song is about love that changes everything and M and P play it like there’s absolutely no chemistry between them. That atmosphere is some kind of funny compared the song itself. But I love the colours itself.

        I think Speak to me is about great frienship. It would be nice if it was the theme of the video too.

  3. Great choise indeed! I can’t wait to see the video. 🙂 And I love rumours and social media. You can’t have secrets these days, but it’s also possible that the next single is already mastered and waiting for release and STM is the 3rd one.

    It would be fabulous to have some new songs or demos included. Did Per say they had chosen 12 songs of 18 for the album? If so there’s 6 pearls left to be released as b sides or something. ;D

  4. Cool! After some time with the album I think it’s the best option for the 2nd single. More commercial than the lovely “No One…”. I hope it gets a classy video and some nice b-sides on the single! 😀

    Miami, Per said that they recorded only 14 of the songs. They are not happy with the recordings of the song “Charm School” so there’s only one new song left as a possible b-side.

  5. Disappointing.. I hoped for “Only When I Dream”. It’s more up-tempo and we know they can perform it live very good which is necessary for promotion. (although all the SGNO promotions were playback until now..)

  6. I don’t get warm with OWID. Not on CD, not live. It tries to be dramatic without real substance. The only good (great!!) part is Marie’s bridge to the chorus.

    • I agree with you. “Only when…” adds to the words something unreal. Maybe “Even if…” would do better 🙂

    • I agree as well.

      OnlyWhenIDream could have been much better if they produced it a bit different. For me, the sound of the 2nd verse destroyes the song cause it’s the same like the 1st verse. More instruments and more driving drums should have been in there.

      I love songs which are getting “bigger and bigger” from verse/chorus to verse/chorus (e.g. BeautifulThings).

  7. SpeakToMe is a great song, but I guess BigBlackCadillac would have been a better single-choice for this time of the year (sun, fun, summer, drving with open windows/roof) … but on the other hand, it’s too similar to SGNOBTR … but then again, because of SNOBTR Roxette has a lot of new young fans …

    We’ll see.

    By the way: If WayOut ever would be a single someday, a video in that style would be cool in my opinion 😉

    • Well, it’s not summer all over the world… Indeed, if the single will be released on April/May, that spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the Southern 😛

  8. At any rate, they’ll need to give it the Queen Of Rain treatment – hopefully removing the rain that fades into “Glad You Called” Whether or not it’ll really sound any different is another story. Here’s hoping for a slight edit! =D

    So glad they’re releasing this. No One Makes It… next please! =)

  9. YES !!! Fantastic! I hope that roxette will play ” Speak to me ” live too. This is the most greatest songs since years.
    I do belive that public will like it and I really hope for an fantastic live version with extra long guitar endpart like the live Version of ” Spending my time” which is also great on the tour. This 2 song are evergreens with top quality

    Very good news!!!

  10. Speak To Me is perfect as the next single. Then No One Makes it on her Own and then maybe Dream on?:P

    i still dont get “Only when I dream”. together with After All its the only track I tend to skip. Would be a mistkae to release it as a single. “big Black Caddillac” is also a bad singlechoise. Wouldent be a hit anywhere.

  11. GREAT choice for a single!! Definately one of the best songs on planet earth at this moment!! For the video, I see Marie dressed like in the 50’s, with a high heels and a short, stylish short dress and a fur coat over her shoulders. She walks into this old room with a HUGE bed and a man (her lover) is lying on the bed. She sits next to him and sings to him “speak to me”…. Per could be like a “voice coming from a radio”….

  12. I think “Big Black Cadillac” and “No One Makes It On Her Own” and even “Only When I Dream” could be nice singles.

    I still think Per should take that “bridge” from OWID and make that into a song

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