“Gessle over Poland” Video Bootleg DVD is finally out!

Remember Gessle over Poland audio bootleg we published here last year? Though now it’s the World Tour 2011 time, it’s still nice to watch some clips coming from the memorable European “Party Crasher Tour” by the Man from Roxette.

“Gessle over Poland” video bootleg is the result of nearly 2 years’ work of several people – mostly of Slawek Sztul, the one who has recently recorded Vilnius gig. We tried to do it everything in English, but some materials are in Polish – like radio and press interviews with Per. Anyway – the concert what’s important.

Stodola, Warsaw, April 22nd 2009

01. Sound Of Music / Dressed for success
02. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her
03. Stupid
04. The party pleaser
05. Wish I could fly
06. She doesn’t live here anymore
07. 7twenty7
08. I have a party in my head (I hope it never ends)
09. Late, later on
10. Listen to your heart
11. Do you wanna be my baby
12. Opportunity nox
13. Doesn’t make sense
14. Church of your heart
15. Dangerous
16. Joyride

Encore 1:
17. C’mon
18. Are you an old hippie, Sir?
19. The look
20. It must have been love

Encore 2:
21. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone
22. Queen of rain

Cover & label

Download these 9 parts, unzip to one folder and record on a DVD. Then you can experiance the real Party Crasher on tour AD 2009.


18 thoughts on ““Gessle over Poland” Video Bootleg DVD is finally out!”

  1. The same as you did with Vilnius gig – download all parts, unzip and record on a DVD in video format. And then enjoy.

    Radio and press interviews are not translated into English.

  2. Just a question – why is Per referred to as “the Man” from Roxette? Is in not kinda obvious he is the man (male) from Roxette? (just a question….)

    Thanks for the upload 🙂

    • The “Party Crasher Tour” was promoted as “Per Gessle – the man from Roxette”. Not so many people in Europe know Roxette’s members’ names 😉

  3. If you have any comments what should be changed or done, so all your opinions will be really welcomed.

  4. hi again! I need some help in order to know how to print the cover art for a regular dvd case. when i open the pdf file it seems to be bigger than the ordinary messures. can you give me some tips?. i am using adobe pdf reader. thanks.

  5. my own tip is this, hope i can help someone else: once you open the pdf file copy to clipboard then you have to work with undercoverxp programe , open it , and paste, it will set perfectly the right size for a regular dvd case. 😀

  6. Great work and dvd – has anyone got the artwork that they could let me have – no longer on the link.

    Thanks all

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